In Chicago, autumn has hit hard. (So did classes even though they just started a few days ago). In fact, biking through the southside of Chicago at unsettling hours in the morning (don't ask) will make you think that winter is not too far behind (if it hasn't come already). Transitioning from the high temperatures of the summer in the Middle East to the blunt autumns of Chicago has proved quite the change in wardrobe. As I'm getting older (a frightening thought) and starting a new internship during the week (not to mention doing other adult things like paying bills and making my own food--also frightening thoughts), I feel as if I'm shedding some skin, clothes-wise, as well. While I would still define my usual look as something along the lines of semi-coordinated unicorn throw-up, I feel I am slowly entering the foreign country of toning things down, neutrals, (vegan) leather, and the more simpler things in life like turtle cheesecake and bike rides at 4am in sketchy streets.
Below are a few on my wishlist, transitioning to a darker, simpler palette to match the mood of the passing time~
(p.s yes, they are clickable!)

1. Black leather sweatpants | Okay I probably can't pull this one off, but it's not called a "wish"list for nothing!

2. Hand chain | The more delicate, the better! Also, bonus points if it has an evil eye on it. 

3. Black handbag-like backpack | (preferably in vegan leather). Is there a specific name for these? Regardless, I really need one. So much less of a hassle than a purse but more formal than a normal backpack!

4. Long-sleeve dress | These are usually a hit or miss. For me specifically, I'm looking for unique cuts and folds (keeping my eye on the on in the grid above) because normal dresses are getting a bit mundane. 

5. Large, over-the-top necklaces | Basically can make anything look more interesting/exciting

6. Ankle Boots | Literally the most versatile/comfortable/perfect thing to be designed for le feet. 

7. Long, over-sized coat | Because Chicago's winters will make you cry. 

8. Overalls | I'm not over this until I can pull it off
9. Sunnies | Hijabis (women who cover their hair) have a rather difficult time finding a pair of sunglasses that go well with our headscarves. Let's find that pair this season. 
10. Structured crop | It looked great in summer as a stand-alone, but now that fall is quick in arrival the crop top--structured and well-cut--paired over long-sleeves are not only upgraded for the new weather but also are now wearable by the rest of the Muslims who didn't want to show le crop-top-exposed-skin 
11. Distressed 'boyfriend' jeans | Would also definitely work with leggings under, so as to protect from gusts of bitter ice cold wind hugging your legs
12. Stars & Moons | Is this just because I'm Muslim? Maybe. (; 

Are you guys also feeling older or is it just the weather? Looking forward to bringing some of these to a closet near me c; 
ALSO Looking forward to seeing any of you in the Chicago area at the For the Sake of Fashion charity runway show on October 12th at 6:00pm! Check out the event page for all of the info! 

Happy Thursday!


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