Majesty Palm, Majesty Palm care, palm tree

As sub-zero temperatures and bitter winds eat away at any inch of vulnerable flesh while outdoors, shoots have not been the most tempting thing to do at the moment. Luckily we have still a few shoots left from Morocco (yeah sort of can't believe it myself) and I might toss around a few Persian recipes I've been meaning to post since my travels to le homeland this summer, as well as snipbits of my new apartment as promised and a new little streetstyle section that will be growing, so no doubt that I've been rather busy on this end working on blog-related things (not to mention I'm doing this little thing on the side called university and a job) so this is my little way of copping out and pretending like this post was planned rather than my by-the-time-I-got-home-it-was-too-dark-to-take-photos post (shhh).

The above photo was taken from my Instagram a few days ago as I came to learn that taking care of my over-sized, ridiculously high-maintenance plant I've been neglecting not only helps me take a physical and mental break from the endless responsibilities piling up on my desk, but also somehow helps me cope with the poor weather and incredibly early sunset times.
So, if you are struggling with an overly-long to-do list or suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) (I am thankful that the latter does not apply to me but I have heard that it does help for those who do suffer from it) I highly recommend you get a plant. Or if you are just lonely and need a friend.
Any name suggestions?

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Vanessa P--the winner of the ethical Peruvian camera strap giveaway from Artful Venture! We'll send you an email shortly c: To everyone else, thank you so much for entering and best of luck in the next giveaway! xx You win the great feeling of supporting a great cause, hooray! c;

Enjoy your day and keep warm for anyone experiencing the bitterness that is the weather!
P.S. Still need help with plant names. This is important.