Spent Halloween night comfortably indoors (while outside there was some sort of apocalypse happening with over 50mph winds + hail + coldness + snow) with my roommates, drinking hot apple cider, pumpkin cheesecake, and carving pumpkins coconuts (local grocer apparently ran out of pumpkins, claims our coconut-addict roommate). Hope all who celebrated had a safe, enjoyable, warm, and not racist time! c:

Regardless, as mentioned on my Instagram, back when I was in Iran last summer, I discovered my now favorite Iranian ensemble, ماه بانو (Mah Banoo) which is composed of a few older men and many (dare I say incredibly beautiful and talented) young women rather than traditional music groups in Iran which are mostly just the former (the old albeit talented men). They sing poetry of you guessed it, Rumi (my personal favorite poet), Hafiz, and other classics to the tune of Iranian traditional instruments. To get a little taste of what this sounds and looks like check out my mini insta video here.

I fell in love with them right as my Aunt's husband introduced them to me, but then when returning to the states their name left me, until  a friend yesterday from the ensemble I'm in posted their video on his page and well, I am pretty damn excited to be reunited!
Unfortunately, there are only a few of their pieces on youtube, but I am on the hunt for ways to aquire more of their music (if any of you happen to know I would love you forever), but in the meantime, here are a few of their pieces that will be on repeat that I encourage you to listen to (and watch because omg so beautiful), too!

جان عاشق (Jane Ashegh) http://bit.ly/10ckMQX
ما را بس (Ma Ras Bas) http://bit.ly/1yNszAQ
گلرخ (Golrokh)http://bit.ly/1E9oNov

Also, the videos sort of give you an idea of how many women in Iran wear the mandatory Hijab, as I know some of you were asking about it in my The Veil...Unveiled: Why I Choose to Cover My Hair and From the Streets of Tehran: Iranian Streetstyle posts. (If you still have any questions on anything, feel free to ask!) :)

Hope you enjoy the music and would love to hear your opinions! xx 

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