After receiving this beautiful business card holder from 9th & Elm in the mail (a few days after my new business cards came in!) I was pretty inspired to put together a little "What's in My Bag" post, as I find it always so interesting what people carry with them, and what it says about the person. What I chose to keep in my bag has always changed over time, and for the first time adding this business card case (which you can check out here!), I felt an added level of professionalism and direction in my blogging! Also, the design is one of those things that you are so excited to bring out and show to everyone. Along with the card case I have many little snipbits of home--Iran--peeking throughout the mess of things I somehow manage to stuff into a tiny envelope bag. 

1. Bag | c/o Macys 
2. Sticker | Gotta rep that Artful Venture!
3. Wallet | Gucci (gifted)
4. Hand Sanitizer | Because germaphobe problems
5. Gaz | A few of my favorite Persian sweets, brought over from Iran
6. Phone | Surprise surprise? 
7. Chapstick | Winter can be rough
8. Business Card Holder | c/o 9th & Elm (which you can find here)
9. Evil Eye Key Chain | A little piece of Iran I like to take with me
10. Watch | If you've been reading for some time (thank you!) you probably remember this watch--my mother's engagement watch--that never worked nor left my hand. Unfortunately the strap broke so I keep it with me for whenever I run into a watch-fixer. 
11. Notebook + Pen | For the chronic list-maker. Literally, something I am not able to leave my room without having at my side. It's sort of like an addiction. 
12. Shades | Aka the only pair I've ever found that looks decent with my headscarf
13. Perfume | Rose-water scented. From Morocco! 

I'm curious--what is meaningful for you that you keep in your bag?