I miss this weather and I miss my brothers.

These photos were taken ages ago, back when we were all still in Oklahoma together, rather than scattered around the country. My brother and parents drove up to my brother's place a bit early for Thanksgiving, and so I've been receiving snapchats from my brothers teasing me, as I am here in Chicago taking exams after a week of cyber terrorism rather than enjoying the company of my family. *sigh* Just a few more days and I'll be in Michigan with all of them!

I do have to admit though, I think stripes are a great menswear pattern that I've noticed many guys shy away from for fears of coming off too feminine. I actually have been perusing through menswear editorials more than usual (yeah I didn't know it was possible, either), and you can check out my little pintrest board for menswear here! (yes yes, I have sort of started pinning. It was a great way to procrastinate doing work--too good, actually).

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos! You can find my older brother here and my younger brother here.

Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma