A little collection of coats/jackets that I'm currently eyeing at the moment--a range of beautiful little pieces covered in birds and plants or soft colors //

Fact: I have been desperately searching for the perfect winter coat for forever.
Yes, yes I know that winter is basically already halfway through and by the time I find the right coat it most likely is, in fact, going to be spring, but I really can't help it. I've outgrown my peacoat from high school and I am looking for something that matches what I think is a development in style (aka excuse to go shopping) (actually jk I've actually been really great about limiting my excessive and nonsensical online shopping addiction, I hope you're all proud!).

And now with my upcoming trip to Morocco in less than two weeks (eep!) I really need to start turning the gears and snag something warm to take with me (my friends (here & here) tell me that while the winter in Morocco won't be as cold as what I've gotten used to in Chicago, I'll definitely need something warm (anyone in the Morocco area like to confirm/refute this?!).

Decisions, decisions....what do you think?