Happy New Years! First of all, I just want to thank you all for your readership since JooJoo Azad started in August 2013. We (aka the blog & I) are looking forward to an exciting and meaningful 2015 and are really honored to be able to spend it with you! In order to get to know you better (and therefore have posts that are more relevant to your interests, what you like and dislike (hate how I only use french to refer to my blog (le blog)? let me know!) etc) I put together a super quick little blog survey that can help me know where to take JooJoo Azad this year. For example, I'm hoping to start a little blog tips section, so I am curious as to how many of your are bloggers and for how long you have been blogging!
You can find the questionnaire here:
The survey will run for about 2 weeks and then I'll publish the results. Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate it! c:

I'm rather excited to announce that I'm launching a new newsletter service! This is different from the standard blogroll subscription that emails you whenever I publish a post (you can sign up for that one in the little box on the left under my photo!) but rather will be a special "insiders" electronic letter filled with hopefully a lot of exciting things.
You can expect:
  • Links to JooJoo Azad's most popular posts from that month
  • Exclusive tips on sustainable living 
  • Exclusive tips on blogging tips & tricks
  • & More content that will not be published on le blog! 
The newsletter will only be sent out once a month, at the end of each month (I feel the woes of an overstuffed inbox and would not like to contribute to that nonsense!) so no need to worry about endless spam-like emails. Because ain't nobody got time to make more than 1 newsletter a month.
(*please note, all current subscribers will be transferred over to this new newsletter automatically!) :)

You can find the link to sign up for that here!

Thank you so much!

Happy 2015!