Based on the results from the 2015 reader survey thus far, it seems many of you are bloggers and many of you would appreciate a few posts on blogging tips. Here is the first in what I hope will be a bi-monthly series on Sunday! Going through my & others' most popular posts, I've noticed a little trend in posts that my readers seem to enjoy the most and those that have brought in more pageviews. Of course, I don't recommend writing about these topics simply for the increase in pageviews, but rather to provide rich content on your blog and for your readers! c:

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1. Create a Boycott List | your money speaks. And unfortunately, it can overpower most human voices. Buying from brands that are devastating the world and exploiting the people within it is vocalizing your support of their unethical production methods. And fashion/products in general should never be valued over human life. Research and put together a list of brands and companies that are destroying the things you care about/supporting causes you are against. Don't know where to start? Take a peek at my Boycott List!

2. International Fashion | I think one of my favorite things about fashion is that it is a global language that has the power to bring people together from all walks of earth. Take your readers (and yourself!) on a little adventure around the world by sharing street style unique to a particular region of the world. A new source of inspiration leads to developments in personal style! Bonus points if you take street style photos yourself during your travels!

Example: From the Streets of Tehran: Iranian Streetstyle

3. Support Ethical Fashion | there are endless unsung brands that both have beautifully-designed products and are making a difference in the lives of people around the world! Show them that you support their mission and appreciate the work that they do (while simultaneously providing alternatives to your new dandy boycott list!) by putting together a post to highlight all of their do-goodness! Who knows, they may even reach out and ask to collaborate (it has happened to me)!

Example: Ethical Giftguide for Her

4. Get Personal | no, no, I am not encouraging publishing the details of your breakup or your browsing history (that goes with me to the grave), but rather to open up to your readers on who you are! Some of my more popular posts have been about my life as an Iranian Muslim living in America--what I celebrate, why I cover my hair, etc. Use your next blog post as a space to get personal with your readers and share a part of your culture, tradition, faith (or lack thereof), beliefs, ideas, etc. Just make sure when speaking on sensitive topics to be highly respectful and open-minded towards other ways of thinking. Remember, this post should be about yourself, not about how others may be wrong! Whether you open the comment section up for discussion or not should be based on your relationship with your readers. I'm very lucky to have incredibly kind, respectful, intelligent, & thoughtful readers (that's you! Thank you! c; ) so I always allow anonymous comments, but this might not be the best idea for everyone.

Example: We're Not Terrorists

5. Share your Passion | reading JooJoo Azad is obviously your #1 passion, but you must love something else, as well? A blog is a powerful space that can reach a large audience--why not use your corner of the internet to raise awareness about a cause/issue that is close to your heart? Research an issue you care deeply about (animal welfare, human trafficking, etc) and devote a post to spread awareness (bonus points if you can find/create a relevant petition for your readers to sign on to)! Let your voice & passion run down the page--this is also a great exercise (teehee bad pun intended!) in writing!

Example: This is not What Feminism Looks Like: The Feminist Shirt Controversy

Happy blogging!

"Blogging Tips" is a new series on JooJoo Azad started due to popular demand and is focused on helping bloggers grow their blogs and speak out on issues that matter to them. New posts are published every Sunday.
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