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Ahh, it really feels so wonderful to be back in Morocco! The weather is a lovely 60F and the ice cream is still as beautiful as I remember. Unfortunately this time I do not have the privilege of traveling with my friend (& photographer!), so I will have to make-do with tripods and rooftops and the occasional shoot with my photographer & blogger friends here in Morocco :) 

Unlike last time I traveled to Morocco, I won't be neglecting JooJoo Azad--rather, I hope that I can use this opportunity to take you with me on my little travels around the country. In the next few months during my stay here, expect mini photo diaries, a vlog (*maybe!*-- it was surprisingly the most requested type of post in my reader survey so far (psst if you haven't already filled it out, please do! You only have a few days left before I can stop bothering you about it!) but I am still not very excited about sharing my awkward personality and voice with you all in video format, but we will see!), Moroccan streestyle, collaborations with other Moroccan fashion bloggers, shoots in hidden locations, and of course posts on social action/ethical awareness/culture per usual! 

In the meantime, please do fill out the 2015 reader survey (this is super helpful for me!) and feel free to enter the gold V necklace giveaway from Eve's Addiction (also if you are in high school be sure to check out their scholarship program)! Just a reminder, the reader survey will close Jan. 11th and the giveaway ends Jan. 19th @ 12:00 CST. 

P.S. I will still try my utmost best at continuing to publish on JooJoo Azad every other day. (And once I've started a streetstyle these photos will be uploaded onto the blog live as they are taken, so expect these several more times throughout the week!) 

P.P.S Sorry for being sort of deceptive and only posting one photo from Morocco on this post and just endless text...I'll be posting a photo collection soonish but if you really are far too excited you can peruse through this one from last summer! 

P.P.P.S. A Social Action post detailing why Urban Outfitters is on the Boycott List is up next! (It will be in a fashion similar to this one on Victoria's Secret) me think of a catchy title!


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