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In light of recent tragedies and therefore endless floods of emails and questions (and er, anonymous twitter hate) about Islam and Muslims, I have decided it is just about the time to do a little q&a and part II to the Islam 101 post I did ages ago. Also I decided to get two things checked off at once and will reply to all of your questions in a little video because apparently according to the results of the reader survey, you all want to experience my social awkwardness that is only heightened in front of a camera on a tripod.

Anyway, I will keep this post short and let you all take this as you will. If you would like a place to start, you can read my last post on Islam here or what others are saying about it, here.

I am obviously no expert and will research what I don't know, but I think it is important to address your questions as best as I can! Feel free to ask in the comments or ask on Survey Monkey if you prefer to be anonymous:

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Please note: I will assume all of your intentions are nice and good, but please note that offensive comment (fyi--comments are not question!!) can and will be removed. This is a q&a, not a fight (but if it was I would totally win because I'm hella strong. Jk.) 

Looking forward to hearing what you are curious about!