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1. Guest post | this is also a great way to build backlinks! Also be sure to have a strong 1-2 sentence bio at the end of the post to really entice readers to check out your blog!

2. Engage with other bloggers | check out, share, engage with, and support the bloggers who leave comments for you and with other bloggers in your niche. Blogging is about connecting with--not talking at--others.

3. Join blogging networks | these are great ways to meet new bloggers, collaborate, grow your social media, and support each other. (let me know in the comments if you need suggestions on what to join!)

4. Be active on social media | join twitter chats (I haven't done this personally but I've heard a lot of great things about doing so!), make sure your blog is on Bloglovin, and really utilize Pintrest! Many bloggers with more visual-focused content (like myself) receive a large part of blog traffic from Pintrest!

5. But also be active offline | step away from your computer and phone and go out and meet other bloggers in the city, attend local fashion events, etc. These are great networking platforms!

6. Optimize your pins | check out how to make "rich pins" on Pintrest, here.

7. Create strong visuals | especially the first photo--vertically oriented photos usually are the best at grabbing attention on Bloglovin and Pintrest especially!

8. Post frequently & consistently | I've always seen a spike in my pageviews & readers when I am posting frequently and consistently throughout the week (even though currently I am in Morocco and the wifi is less reliable and I have not been able to follow this one myself, boo). Be sure you're also posting at the right time! Be sure to check out my guide on the best times to post on blogs + social media for optimal engagement!

9. Quality > quantity | but on that same note make sure that you are not just posting whatever just for the purpose of reaching a certain quota of posts per week. Make sure every post is something that you are proud of.

10. Have a clean, navegateable (is this a word?) blog layout | this might sound picky and ridiculous but I know that a very large reason for me returning/not returning to a blog is because of the layout. Try to keep a white background with clean and organized pages/sections. This will also help load your page faster and lose less readers due to slow page loading time!

11. Have clean, navegateable posts | make it easy for your readers to skim through your post and understand the main idea without having to read every word. Aint nobody got time for that. Use large, relevant photos to break up endless boxes of text (so opposite of what I'm doing here, basically).

12. Make your posts share-able | add AddThis or other similar add-ons to the end of each post to make it easy and encouraging for your readers to share your posts. (I currently am having technical difficulties with AddThis on my blog, so I make each post shareable manually at the end of each post until I stop procrastinating and try to fix it!)

13. Give people a reason to share you posts | if you came upon this post on another blog would you share it? If the answer is no, you have some editing to do. Make each post worth a share--add a call to action at the end of each post!

14. Enhance your blog's SEO | this is definitely going to be a whole post on its own, so stay tuned!

15. Use keywords based on search trends | Check Google Keyword Planner while writing titles, subtitles, etc!

16. Create unique content | don't be just another fish in the sea--be the sea (er, sorry, just read poetry before writing this post...). Here are 5 Unique Post Ideas that Will Help Grow Your Blog's Audience

17. Update & refresh old content | don't let your hard work on your past posts go to waste--continually recycle them by linking back to them in your newer posts (like I just did in no. 16!) and every so often tweet/instagram/share on facebook a post from your archives.

18. Collaborate with local photographers, bloggers, & brands | I've had the opportunity to meet& work with so many amazing and talented people through blogging, and it is really what makes the whole process so rewarding! This is also a great way to successfully start successfully growing your blog offline!

What have you found to work best for you? 

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