Thank you for all for all of the sweet birthday wishes on Instagram and Twitter! I was planning on getting this post up on the actual day of my birthday (Jan. 27th) but due to final exams I decided to take a few day break to study (best way to celebrate a birthday, no?)! It's still strange to think that I have been on this earth for 2 decades... *cue existential crisis*

Ahem. Moving on, these photos were taken by the ever-talented Youssef Harzy who I'm lucky to call my friend. We had to rush and take these photos in a very small time frame due to the unlucky constant on-and-off rainfall in Casablanca the weekend I visited (but I guess in the end the rain created a really beautiful reflection across the outside of the mosque!).

 Photos: Youssef Harzy | Blouse: gifted* | Jeans: H&M | | Oversized cardigan: ModCloth | Boots: DSW

I suppose now that I'm 20 I should be wiser or something. This is definitely not true, because the 5 year old inside of me is a bit more influential. But I do really value reflection and looking back on some things that I've learned and value, and am taking with me in my next stages of life. 

From my recent travels to the motherland (Iran) I've learned that people are truly and genuinely beautiful, and that love is such an endless resource. My grandmother always says that (it sounds better in Farsi but a rough translation:) all of the friends in the world is not enough and one enemy is already too many. Morocco has taught me to slow down and to actually schedule time in my day to breathe. Or fall asleep in a coffee shop. From my friends and family I've found a renewed inspiration and motivation for constantly pushing myself to be the best person that I can be. 

Here's to 2 decades of learning and hopefully many more to come~

*A lot of you have been asking where I have gotten my shirt, but it was designed by my friend as a birthday gift so unfortunately I cannot direct you to a store/product! :/

More photos from Morocco coming your way so stay tuned! xx


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