Per popular demand, I put together a list of some of the most important tips and building blocks on improving your SEO as a blogger! Here are the do's and do not's of Search Engine Optimization:

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Ah, great question! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how well your blog ranks according to our important friends at google. The higher your SEO and rank, the higher your blog will appear on google search results, resulting in more traffic, hooray! 

To be quite honest, it's not really a great thing because it is a pain to try to always keep up with whatever the google gods deem as trendy/important for a site to have (and you thought keeping up with fashion trends and their endless make-believe seasons was hard...) but these basic tips are more of the foundations building blocks of good SEO.
Yallah! (let's go!) 

1. Build Quality Backlinks | backlinks are hyperlinks on other sites that link back to your own page. The more pages that link to your own blog, the more reputable your blog seems (makes sense, right?). But ah this is where many people may err--backlinks can actually be counter productive if they are bought (yes apparently that is a thing) or you leave endless, spammy-like comments (great post!!!!1111)  on non-reputable sites. The key here is in the quality.

Rather, you can build 'healthy' backlinks by gust posting on reputable blogs and leaving *thoughtful* comments on quality sites. Just make sure to actually link back in your site rather than just writing out your blog url. You can do this with the following html code:

2. Keywords, Keywords | make sure your title has keywords! I think this is especially difficult for fashion bloggers because we are silly and like to "title" looks or something but let's be honest, no one is going to be googling Pattern Clashing and Cats.
As a fashion and social action blogger it's helpful when I can sneak in a title for a look that is about what I am going to be discussing rather than arbitrary phrases. Exhibit A: Overview of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: 5 Things You Should Know Now. If you're a fashion blogger, try to come up with titles that include keywords to help your SEO!

BUT (there is always a but) don't overdo it. For Google, titles & posts that are drenched in many keywords just look like you're trying to hard, and this will make you lose SEO points. Rather, focus your content on a few keywords rather than, say, a million, and try to use them authentically throughout your post and blog.

3. Title Images | ah, rookie mistake. Did you know that the names of the photos that you upload to your blog are actually used by google? So if on your computer, your images are fresh from the camera and say IMG_1234 or something, prior to uploading them to your blog post, rename them to something relevant to your post. Don't forget to include a keyword! I actually have surprisingly decent traffic coming from google image searches because of how I name my photos!
P.S. When naming the images, use dashes (-) in between words rather than underscore (_).

4. Use Relevant Words When Linking | this one I actually just learned when doing some research for this post! When linking to another post--either one of your own or one another site--use words relevant to the link, rather than the words "click here," etc.
Example: Want to know why Victoria's Secret (I'm not linking to their site here because it would build them another backlink!) is on the Boycott List? It's because Victoria has 3 dirty little secrets that she doesn't want you to know!


I have to run to catch my train to Casablanca, but feel free to ask any questions/for clarification in the comments section and I will try my best to reply asap! Also, if you have any other basic SEO tips that I missed, please share with me and the other readers--I'll make sure to feature helpful comments! (p.s. don't forget to leave your backlinks!c; ) 
Hope this was semi-helpful for those who requested it! 

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