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Celebrating the new (Iranian) year of 1394 with an exciting announcement: I've committed to developing JooJoo Azad as my part-time job! This is a major step for me, as creating content for this site has always been at the top of the list of things that makes me happy, but due to part-time jobs and other commitments, doing so was never able to be at the top of my priority list--that is, until I took the leap and decided to clear out my schedule and focus on developing and growing this site!

A few updates/notes:

1. JooJoo Azad will be updated every other day (at a minimum) and will be broken down into a few major categories:

Fashion | while this section will still be composed of my personal looks, I will be focusing more on combining this with social responsibility and work with local and ethical brands rather than just another #ootd post.
Social Action | this includes the minimal wardrobe series, in-depth profiles from brands on the boycott list, relevant current events, and general industry issues that are not discussed in mainstream media.
Iran/Islam | these are the more personal posts aimed to combat misinformation in the media & answering your questions.
Blogging Tips | a more popular section than I expected! This category will continue as normal due to popular demand, with new posts being published every Sunday.
Streetstyle | as someone who is inspired by the every-day people I run into on the streets, I think it's important to share a bit of what well-dressed people around me are wearing (including while I travel! This should be fun this summer when I go to Iran!). These posts will not be part of the every-other-day posting schedule but rather will be uploaded as they are taken.

2. Also, you *miiiight* have noticed the new layout! I have been dreaming up layouts for months and finally was able to find a beautiful theme and worked with a coder to make it perfect! As everything is still raw + fresh, please let me know what you think/if you run into any issues with anything. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

3. We (the blog & I) *finally* made a youtube account! After so many requests to make videos (you all will regret your decision, trust me) I finally caved and decided to play around with the medium. I will be uploading a quick little vlog from my travel to Chefchaouen, Morocco, *finally* answering your questions from the Islam Q&A, and a few other secret projects (if you have any other requests, let me know)! You can subscribe to my newly-created channel here and I know you will get a kick out of my lack of video editing skills: These should be up starting next week!

4. The newsletter is back and is better than ever (well, since there was only one edition the bar is not very high, but shhh). You can sign up for this here: 


A major source of encouragement for this shift to a more serious pursuit has been you all--your constant tweets, comments, and emails letting me know how much you valued JooJoo Azad has been incredibly moving, and I really want to continue making this a safe space where we can continually learn from each other. 
So, to all of my readers, new and old, thank you for everything. Your support and readership is so appreciated