The "streetstyle" look is actually really big in Morocco, as probably every resident owns a leather jacket. Or 5. And "luxe" sweatpants. And Gucci hats that spell $wagger.

You asked and I obliged! ...(after a few months)Shari3 (street) El Massira in Casablanca is known for its high-end retailers, fancy cars, and well-dressed Moroccan residents. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take as many shots as I hoped, as time was limited (I was racing the sun for these shots in my last day in Casablanca!) and the requests of a foreign girl struggling to speak Arabic randomly stopping you in the street for a photo to go on her "website," were, somehow, often denied. (My Moroccan friends had to remind me that the concept of streetstyle photography is not as prevalent in Morocco as it might have be in the states.) 

But regardless, I think these shots are fairly representative of how much of the youth in Morocco dress (just add a few more leather jackets and $wagger hats and the occasional Hijab), which may come as a surprise to many people who were expecting something a little different from a predominantly Muslim country in North Africa. Ah, the universal language of clothes~ 

I promise I'll take more snaps next time I return to Morocco (whenever that may be) (I've been practicing my Arabic as well so hopefully less rejects hehe) but I just arrived back in Chicago (you can follow my complaints about the weather on my Instagram @hodakatebi) and hope to continue this little growing streetstyle section here in Chicago (& also when I return to Iran this summer)! 

How do these snaps differ from what you had in mind about Morocco, if anything?