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DO: Make use of golden hour | golden hour is that beautiful time an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset in which the sun is perfectly at level with the ground and makes for really neat sunspots, backlighting, and just photos in general. This looks incredibly great with hair, but for hijabi’s this isn’t exactly the most relevant pro (sorry ladies), but regardless, your skin still glows in this light! A great example of how you can work with golden hour is when we caught the sunrise on the roofs of Marrakech, Morocco.

DON’T: Shoot mid-day | if the sun right above your head already isn’t enough to make you melt, then looking through the photos you just took certainly will make you melt of embarrassment. Harsh lighting is well, harsh (and oddly orangey). Moreover, for hijabis, this means your hijab will probably cast a shadow on your face. So basically, just don’t do it. If you absolutely must shoot during the day, try to find a nice spot of *soft* shadow to stand in to soften up the lighting a bit.

DO: Natural lighting | this one, I’m sure, you’ve heard about a million times, yet somehow most of the photos that I see on small/emerging blogs are still taken in what looks like a dimly-lit bedroom (think bad American Apparel ads…there’s a reason they are on the BoycottList hehe. Unless of course you’re going for a particular vibe). Natural light is a daily occurrence (exciting, right!?) and best to take advantage of it! The best (aka most flattering) natural lighting is early in the morning, the first hours after sunrise.

DON’T: Use flash | literally the most unflattering thing known to the human face?
DO: Use a reflector | a reflector is a surface that is used to redirect light towards your subject. They are a great way to utilize as much natural light as possible for your photo. You can find fairly affordable reflectors online, like this Etekcity Round Photo Reflector/Diffuser
Or, you can find reflectors naturally: stand opposite a white wall, snow, etc, can all help as they essentially are able to do the same job as a reflector (except they do it for free! ;) ). You can see an example of a natural reflector being used on our road-trip to Detroit last year when we stumbled upon a House of Shoes.

For a complete list of photography tips beyond just basic lighting, be sure to check out our recent interview with a professional Chicago photographer, the OX Project! 

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Original photo source: OnlyDecoLove