Let's be real. There are a lot of blogs out there that are basically echos of each other when it comes to providing helpful advice for growing a blog. Same subject matter, same information--I can't tell you how many posts I've read that tell me to use my Twitter to share blog posts...truly insightful!

Below are the 5 blogs that I personally read religiously and highly recommend for bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and/or social media fanatics to bookmark and treasure forever.
You're welcome.

1. By Regina | I actually ran into Regina's blog by accident just the other day and I still haven't left it. (Regina, if you are reading this, just know that if you check your stats and are confused about how someone spent 48hrs+ straight on your site...that was not a mistake). Not only is her blog incredibly helpful and detailed, it is oh-so witty and personable--I don't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading about SEO. I also love how long each of her posts are--it is clear she loves what she does and she knows what she's doing! Highly recommended for anyone serious about their blogs or just wants to be charmed.
I've honestly never subscribed to someone's newsletter so fast.

2. Jennypurr | Not only does Jen provide insightful information and inspiration both online and offline, but her site is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I don't even have to read a post and I am already inspired by the space she has created. Her posts are creatively stimulating and are so very insightful, as they encourage me to constantly challenge myself. Jen is easily the master of helping you find your voice and defining your blog!

3. Blog Tyrant | Ramsay's blog is actually the first blog about blogging I've ever subscribed to and began reading religiously. While some people talk the talk, Ramsay made the walk--each of his posts are backed by years of experience: he even sold a blog for $20,000 just after 8 months. Like, what. His posts are especially helpful for beginners, and he walks you through everything from starting a blog and choosing a hosting platform to gaining your first 10,000 subscribers--even just leaving a comment on his site has brought me page views!

4. Autumn Leaves | Writing one of the few blogs about blogging that I actually read each word rather than skim and move on. Rebecca-Louise is a really wonderful writer and never fails to keep my attention throughout her posts. Not to mention that the content on her site is not a regurgitation of all other blogs about blogs--her content is unique, descriptive, and actually helpful in growing readership, blogging resources, and social media marketing!

5. XO Sarah | Also a recent find that I have completely swooned over, Sarah's blog is bright, bold, and full of life (it's also incredibly helpful, too!). Her blog just exudes creative energy and is always so encouraging and refreshing to read! It's very easy to tell right away that she knows the blogging world and how to win it. (p.s. Sarah also designs beautiful and colorful blog layouts!)

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