Two years ago today, the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh collapsed due to brands' negligent safety inspections, killed over 1,100 garment workers.

And, 2 years after, we are still waiting for justice.

As consumers and influencers, I strongly believe that we have the power to revolutionize the fashion industry and turn it into an industry that is not just beautiful on the outside. One of the most important thing we can do is to educate ourselves and have conversations with friends and family in order to raise awareness and grow the movement.

In honor of this day I'm sharing 10 articles that are really helpful in understanding the extent of its exploitation of marginalized women, utilization of child labor, destruction of the environment and human and animal health, and averse affects on women's mental health--just to name a few.

It's really so important to know where your clothes comes from--it's something you (hopefully!?) interact with everyday~

1. Why Donating Your Clothes is Utterly Destructive
2. 5 Facts You Didn't Know about the Clothes on Your Back (But Totally Should)
3. 15 Fashion Brands that Promote Deforestation: Take Action!
4. The Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth
5. Remembering the 1 Year Anniversary of the Bangladesh Factory Collapse
6. The Real Monsters In Your Closet
7. Victoria's (3 Dirty Little) Secrets
8. The Controversy Behind Mango
9. American Apparel: 3 Reasons to Boycott
10. The Feminist Shirt Controversy

Also if you are writing about this topic today, please do share a link in the comments section and I would be more than happy to add your article to this list!

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AND don't forget to join the Fashion Revolution today and snap a selfie wearing your clothes inside out, tagging the brand you are wearing and asking them #whomademyclothes?

Do you know how your clothes are made? How about what is on your back right now?