It never did make sense to me to support your mother via a gift that was created through the exploitation of other mothers. This year, be sure that your Mother's Day gift  is both beautiful AND ethical. Here are a few things to be aware of when buying gifts as well as a few alternative gift ideas that are perfect for any mother~ 
P.S. Maman if you are reading this my gift will be me coming home in the summer, deal? ;) 

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1. Flowers for Dreams: Lilac | unfortunately these hand-curated, hand-delivered bouquets are only available in for those of us in Chicago, but if you plan on purchasing flowers for Mother's Day, try your best to find local florists rather than a chain which imports from Kenya (Fun fact: 1 in 4 flowers sold on Valentines day is from Kenya, where working conditions are totally unacceptable!).
Not to mention that Flowers for Dreams also supports a different charity every month! Extra plus points!

2. Thread Harvest: Uzma Recycled Cotton Travel Journal | because your mother is totally rad and is full of amazing thoughts & ideas, giver her a notebook that not only empowers her write down & pursue her dreams (yes apparently mothers still have those despite having to deal with us kids) to but through the purchase of this eco-friendly journal you are also helping to empower marginalized women in India! Win/win for female empowerment!

3. Matt & Nat: Robby-Clay Clutch | totally vegan leather. Totally rad. If your mom is cooler than you, they also have pretty sick backpacks that I might have to gift myself pretty soon...

4. Anchal Project: Square Didi Scarf | depending on how long you've been reading, you might remember the collaboration I did with the Anchal Project what feels like ages ago. I'm adding them to this list just because I still use their scarf to this date and it easily one of the softest things that could grace your mother's neck. Made from upcycled Sari!

5. Raven & Lily: Mango + Grapefruit Candle | doesn't the name of this candle just make you hungry? I want to turn that into a smoothie. Also like the flowers, candles are a common gift for Mother's Day that you should be sure to be extra cautious about! Most candles are made from palm oil, & we've learned here on JooJoo Azad about the Deadly Truth of Palm Oil before, so you know that this is then a red flag! Instead, try looking for soy candles, like this one from Raven & Lily, as an eco-friendly alternative!

If you're still struggling with gift ideas, I put together an Ethical Gift Guide last year filled with brands that support women, so you can celebrate two women at once when purchasing from a brand from the 2014 list! Here it is below --

Wishing you and your mother all the best for Mother's Day!