On April 21, 2015, Google announced that blogs/site that do not have a mobile-responsive site will be penalized in search ranking. Here is how you can check to see if your site is mobile-friendly and how to update it if it's not! Mobile users probably comprise a decently large portion of your overall readers, so it's important to have a mobile-responsive site not only to improve your SEO, but also for your own readers' sake!

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1. What is Mobile-Responsive? Why does my site need it?

Mobile Responsive. (Adj). | when a site is optimized for usage on a mobile device. No need for zooming in/out, no tiny font, no side bar, etc. Everything looks like it would if it was an app! 

Why does your site need it? | because the Google gods say so. Also because it can eliminate frustrations for many readers, as a very good chunk of readers view your site on their phones! Just think about the amount of people who keep up with your blog via social media, and how many people use such social media on their phones. Yeah. A loooot. 
So I *guess* this time Google is being sort of fair for the sake of SEO.

2. Ugh. SEO. Fine. How can I tell if my site is mobile-responsive?

Yeah SEO is never fun but pretty important for any blog (especially if you are/hoping to one day become serious about it!). If you haven't seen it yet, here is the Blogger's Beginner Guide to SEO, written in very basic and non-technical language for your reading pleasure (well, to the extent that reading about SEO is pleasurable) :) 

Annnyway, Google actually made a super quick & easy Mobile-Friendly Test where it will analyze your blog for mobile-friendlyness. Test your site here! 

beginner seo tips, blogging tips, seo for bloggers, mobile-responsive, Search Engine Optimization

3. NOOO my site is not mobile-friendly! Am I doomed!?

No! It's actually one of the quicker, easier SEO fixes! And either way, SEO is not a make or break for a blog, so it should never be a point of stress, as many bloggers exaggerate and make it out to seem. But, nonetheless, if you're not going to do it for the SEO it's probably a good idea to update your blog to make it more mobile-responsive anyway, for those millions of mobile readers of yours!

Below are some guides on how to make your site mobile-responsive, based on your blog's platform: 

I think the most difficult part of updating your site to a mobile-responsive site is sacrificing your beautiful designed-for-the-desktop layout for an ultra-minimalist, just-the-bare-bones layout for mobile users. Ugh. Silly mobile users. (For those of you currently reading this on a mobile device, please disregard that last statement) xx

If you completed the mobile test and Google deems your site sufficient...(for now....*cue evil laugh and thunder*) congratulations--that means you have time to work on your next blog post! ;) 

If you run into any troubles with your mobile update don't hesitate to reach out via email/in the comments section, and if you found this post helpful please do share with your blogging friends (..or non-blogging friends who just enjoy reading about SEO?)! 

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