5 powerful ways to grow your blog offline: for those of us looking to expand our local audience, meet and work with amazing people, and take a break from the online world--this one is for you!

First of all, I must include a teensy disclaimer: I used to be really shy and reserved about this blog (yes yes Hoda can get shy too, I know, it's scary) and therefore in-person blog promotions were incredibly limited/absent for the first year and a half of my blog's life (so basically up until a month or two ago). Self-promotion has never been my forte (or just choice of interaction). But, overtime, as my blog has grown both virtually and as a part of my life, I am starting to learn the real value of (moderate) self-promotion!

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1. Always Carry Business Cards on Your Person | you'll never know who you will run into! A great way to hold on to the relationships formed at those random, daily, very human interactions with people you meet on the bus, in line for the bus, and/or while you're complaining that the bus never comes on time.

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2. Leave Your Business Cards Anywhere & Everywhere | most local coffee shops, relevant businesses, art centers, etc, have space that is already designated for, or will allow, business cards for their customers to pick up! Just be sure to ask permission before you add a little stack of your own beauties.

3. Attend Local Events in Your Niche | this is a great way to meet and engage with other influencers in the area as well as your target audience! Join local blogger networks and stay on top of event listings, check the events section of your local newspaper/magazine/sites weekly and try to attend at least one a month! (p.s. don't forget those business cards)!

4. Host an Event/Workshop | yes yes this might sound intimidating/difficult, but I do strongly believe that everyone has something that they can offer in the form of an event or workshop! From blogging basics to styling to photography tutorials to flower bouquet arrangements, there is always something that you can teach to your city! Host the even at a local brand/business and they will also help bring in (and welcome the additional) publicity! (If done properly this could also be monetized!)

5. Collaborate with Local Talent | I think this has to be one of my favorites from the list. Reach out to local photographers, brands, stylists, bloggers, models, etc and collaborate on a shoot, event, etc. It's a great way to meet new (incredibly talented) people, make new (super rad) friends, and grow your blog (especially if when everyone cross-promotes the project)!

Have you tried offline promotion? Did I miss anything that you have found particularly successful? Drop us (the blog & I) a line in the comments!

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