{ Photos: Alex Jung }

Had fun playing around in black & white & film-like vibes with a few new pieces that I brought over from my last travels to Morocco! This look was also one of the looks I put together for a feature on a Korean TV show that aired a few weeks ago -- I was invited to talked about the Hijab and how to wear it, which was so much fun! Thanks again to everyone for having me!  

 If you've been catching up with my sleepless adventures on Instagram, (or just have read this sentence) you probably know that I finally have survived the nonsense that is mid-terms. I usually celebrate the end of mid-terms by sleeping really early as a little treat to myself, as it usually hasn't been on my priority list (or, on my list at all) these past few days, so, without further ado, I will now proceed to sleep for 10 trillion hours. 

P.S. I've recently been interviewed for a cutesy little feature on AWear World (I would like to express my support for their witty name) in which I talk a bit about intentions & motivations behind the creation of JooJoo Azad :) 

P.P.S Yes I also was shocked to find out that I was capable of publishing a post with such a short title, given that usually my post titles more resemble paragraphs?