I'm putting this together for a number of reasons: first, to show that pageviews does not translate into income (the blogger with the second to last number of pageviews made the most money!), that a single monetization strategy does not work for everyone, there are bloggers at all different places when it comes to income, and to show my mom that I'm not crazy when I say that I could possibly live off my blog. 
(you are free/encouraged to show this to your moms, too)

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All of the below reports are monthly incomes.

1. Smart Passive Income | (April 2015) Income: $123,853.51 / Pageviews: 41,537 / Largest source of income: Various affiliate programs

2. By Regina | (January 2015) Income: $15,000 / Pageview: 139,346 / Largest source of income: Hosting a blogging class

3. The Chaos and the Clutter | (January 2015) Income: $3,499.68 / Pageviews: 6,958,505 / Largest source of income: Advertisements

4. Mostly Morgan | (April 2015) Income: $668.75 / Pageviews: 299,691 / Largest source of income: Izea

5. Olyvia | (November 2014) Income: $92.44 / Pageviews: 3,125 / Largest source of income: Bluehost affiliate

It's still rather beyond my comprehension that a blog can bring in 6 figures in a single month with under 6 figure pageviews, but, hey, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income got talent. He also has a rad podcast for bloggers that I recommend you check out! Each blogger also shares more in-depth strategies for how they earned the income that they did, which can be rather helpful/inspirational! In the meantime, you can start out by reading 8 Ways to Make Ca$h Money From Your Blog!

What are your thoughts on blog monetization? Are you earning money from your blog? I'd be so curious to hear!

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