If you are looking for a post defining how you should dress based on a uniform of omg-everyone-go-buy-white-and-black-and-grey-shirts, this post is not for you. If you're just looking for someone to tell you to buy things in general, this post is not for you. Rather, these are the 5 necessary items a wardrobe needs in the context of the minimalist wardrobe project. They are non-material and universally applicable.
Wearing clothes that makes you happy is incredibly important. Dressing according to a rubric, not so much. Below are 5 "things" that are essential to own & wear. Everyday.

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1. Confidence | your wardrobe should be used as a tool of self-empowerment. Wear anything and everything that makes you feel great and take control of your life--not what is just "appropriate" for your body type. Embracing and loving your body will make anything you wear look amazing. 

2. Comfort | trying to fit something that doesn't make you comfortable shows. Stop dressing for your body "type" and start dressing for you. We day down with trends that aren't representative of who we are. We say down with flattering clothes

3. Intelligence | us women are brilliant. Don't be afraid to wear your intelligence and speak out and speak up. Psychological studies have indicated that while women generally have better ideas and input in the workplace, they don't voice or articulate them while men with less-ideal ideas speak up and win the day. Whether you wear a blazer or a dress to work, you should always take your voice--and smarts--with you.

4. Bad-Assery | this is a real word. Trust me. And trust me when I say you're beyond amazing. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to get yourself out there and make shit happen. Support other women. Break the glass ceiling & drink men's tears. Talk back. Take up space. Be unapologetic. An essential you need to own. Like a black dress. Except better. (much better).

5. Social Responsibility | what you chose to wear on your back can say a lot about you. Wearing a "feminist shirt" made by exploited women? Your closet needs to be reflective of you personally, but also ethically. Crafting a minimal, ethically-produced closet is integral in transforming not only your wardrobe but your lifestyle. As Iranian designers who I interviewed always told me, "changing your clothes is the first step in changing yourself."

This post is part 5 of a series encouraging the transition to a minimal wardrobe--as in a wardrobe that is physically minimal (not the style) in order to limit our consumption, detach ourselves from material possessions, and live more socially-conscious lives. 


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