6 finals, 3 all-nighters, and many post-midnight dessert runs later and I'm finished with my 3rd year of undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. Currently en route back to Oklahoma to visit the family before heading off to Germany and Iran and taking you with me! ;) 
Everyone always tells you that college goes by quickly, but you never can really truly understand what that means until you're in it and experiencing that for yourself. And let me tell you: it's honestly terrifying. I've learned and grown so much during my time here but I can't help but feel a bit lost and anxious when I think that at this time next year I'll never be an undergrad again, or that I'll be older than college students. What a concept.
Anyway, they're starting boarding for my final flight to Oklahoma so gotta run! I'll put together a little list of more coherent thoughts and feels and things learned while my head is in the clouds (literally).
Take care and see you tomorrow for a really exciting interview with the lovely lady who designed this site! She'll be introducing us to, and helping us with, the beautiful world of web design!  ♡