It's that time of year again where the trees are lit, the ice skates are laced up, I apologize for not posting as much, promise I'll do better the next year, and slip a survey under your noses.

Ah, December.

Granted, this is probably the year of JooJoo Azad's absolute least online activity yet, but hear me out: once you hear what has been happening behind the scenes, you're going to forgive me (I hope). But before we get into what's to come, let's take a moment to be grateful for 2017: in the past 12 months I toured nationally with my book Tehran Streetstyle (and had the chance to meet so many of you!), built expansive networks with organizers and creatives of color internationally, published some of my favorite pieces to date, had this work featured in major international publications and media outlets from Teen Vogue and TNT to i-D magazine and Allure, and expanded the JooJoo Azad internship to support our first intensive 6 month position.

Most importantly, our JooJoo Azad community has only continued to grow. So, from the bottom of my and the blog's physical and virtual hearts, thank you. Your readership, insight, engagement, and support -- in whatever way that looks like -- is deeply felt and appreciated. To the sometimes intimidating number of DMs on insta to every email in my not-so-neat inbox, I hear you, I see you, and I value you, truly. Thank you for being here!

And in that same vein, I want to be intentional about your feedback, your engagement, and what you find helpful and not so much on JooJoo Azad. This space is a reflection of the community that supports it, and this annual survey provides so much insight into directions for JooJoo Azad's expansion and growth in the upcoming year!

All of the answers are anonymous, so please be honest and open! If you don't see the survey below, you can also access it in a separate browser here. (Our upcoming projects are below the survey, but take your time!)

Woo! Either you just completed the survey (thank you!) or you just scrolled down to see the upcoming projects but either way you're here now so welcome to JooJoo Azad 2018!

There are three major projects launching in the next year from this platform: 

+ The Azadi Collection | A play off the blog's name, 'Azadi' means 'freedom' in Farsi. I'm still not going to release tooooo many details (yet), but to sum, this collection is going to change the way you think about how fashion can truly be political, feminist, and conscious without a single overdone fist emoji or t-shirt that says "I'm a Feminist Too" in Helvetica font. But to give you some hints, we've soft-launched the official Azadi Collection instagram account.

+ The JooJoo Journal | This exciting project aims to solve a few problems simultaneously: the lack of consistent content on JooJoo Azad; the dope article submissions I've been getting with no place to publish them; and the lack of a thoughtful, intelligent, spiritually-centered, art-infused, and leftist platform designed for organizing, international collaboration, and insightful critique. Yes, we're launching a community-written, multi-lingual companion to JooJoo Azad. And it's going to break the internet almost as much as the failure to renew net neutrality. Oh yeah we also have an instagram account for that too.

+ A sewing co-operative of refugee women | Okay I'm probably most excited for this project -- it's just as rad as it sounds. Complete with full translation services, child care, and our very own (shared) space, this sewing co-operative is about to change the game for designers nationally. And for a team of refugees in Chicago. The Azadi Collection is going to be the first client, and once our website is up and running you'll be able to support, follow vlogs, and get behind the scenes looks at the development of this magical space.

ALSO the JooJoo Azad internship is currently undergoing a restructuring process and applications will re-launch again in the new year! Subscribers to the JooJoo Azad Insiders List will get application information earlier than it is published on the blog, so if you'd like a head-start be sure to subscribe!

Basically, 2018 is going to be a major milestone online and offline, and I'm honored that you're a part of it. JooJoo Azad -- and all of its projects -- are now my full-time job, and I wouldn't have it any other way. All of these projects are dependent on JooJoo Azad funds and donations to launch and ensure sustainability, so if you'd like to help support any of these projects, you can hit up our paypal at or venmo @hoda-katebi with a note of which project you're most excited about, and we'll be sure to send some love your way 

Here's to 2018. (& liberation)