Aaand we're live! Pre-sale for my Tehran Streetstyle fashion photography book is now live at the JooJoo Azad Shop! Head on over and grab your very own first-ever in-print collection of photography of some of the best-dressed women and men in the streets of Tehran, Iran!
(Your coffee table will thank you!)

And if you purchase now until February 1st at midnight (CST) you'll also receive a FREE matching tote bag made from organic cotton! (So you can take your book with you everywhere, of course)! 

I've been working on this book non-stop for over 6 months, and I can't wait to finally be able to share it all with you! It has been such an amazing experience. 

Check it all out here:

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So, it's happening. (And it's sort of unreal?)
My first book/extension of this blog is ready for pre-sale TONIGHT at midnight (CST)! And I couldn't be more thankful for having you all with me throughout this entire process: the initial inspiration/demand, the scattered/minimal blog and social media posting while I was in Iran doing photography and conducting research, the horrible job of counting down on my Instagram (whoops. Count downs are not my forte, if you haven't already noticed) and now, finally, the start of pre-sale!
I've learned so much (from the pains of book publishing to details about the underground fashion industry in Iran) and Tehran Streetstyle has become a project so close to my heart. 

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Not to mention that Tehran Streetstyle is the first-ever in-print collection of streetstyle photography from the streets of Tehran, Iran! And you'll be able to be one of the first people to get your hands on it! This book is a hardcover, coffee-table style 8.5" square with 64 pages of full-bleed, full-color photography! 

I'll be updating this post with a link to the pre-sale site at midnight, so be sure to check back tonight (or whatever time of day that may be for you!) for access to the book! 

And from now until February 1st at midnight (CST) I'm giving away a matching organic cotton tote bag (!!!) so you can always carry your book with you wherever you go hehe

For those of you in Chicago-area, we're hosting a release party very soon so stay tuned for more details on when that is happening! I'd love to see you! 

I can't thank you all enough for inspiring and supporting me on this project. Ya'll fabulous--I couldn't be more honored to have you with me on this journey! 

P.S. Just joined in on the conversation today? Be sure to read more about Tehran Streetstyle's mission statement and goals

UPDATE: It's midnight!! The JooJoo Azad Shop is LIVE!

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It's more than just celebrating the aesthetic value of fashion. It's about re-claiming my identity as a Muslim-Iranian. 

AVAILABLE NOW at the JooJoo Azad Shop!

This time last year, I never would have imagined that I would have pulled so many all-nighters, skipped so much class (I forget some of my classmates read this thing), taken so many photos, and had so many a couple meltdowns to create my first-ever published extension of this blog. The creative process is such a long, exhausting, awful, beautiful experience. (One that I definitely would not have seen the end of without the constant support and help from my older brother, Haneif)!

As we inch closer (!!!) to the launch of Tehran Streetstyle, the first-ever in-print collection of streetstyle photography from the streets of Tehran, Iran, I wanted to share a bit of inspiration behind this book and the goals it aims to accomplish. Because you know, I like mission statements. And lists.

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hello, cover! 

Tehran Streetstyle is here to:

1. Counter mainstream Western Orientalist representation projects & create an alternative narrative | remember that whole thing I keep saying about not to trust the media? Yeah that's pretty key here. As an echo of the mission of JooJoo Azad, Tehran Streetstyle acts as a space I have created to re-claim my story, representation, narrative, and identity. (More on that in the next post!)
I chose fashion as my means of transposing this goal because it is a really beautiful and powerful platform: clothing is a universal language of self-expression that can be communicated across people, cultures, and borders. And the young people photographed in this book have a lot to tell you.

2. Provide the content that you all have been consistently and almost unanimously asking for | your endless emails, comments, messages, and requests for more Iranian fashion and streetstyle have been dutifully fulfilled. Let's face it, there are not many spaces that have access to Iran, let alone the (underground) fashion scene. Iran sits at such a unique place in the world of fashion and style: despite the mandatory dress codes, Iranians continue to be some of the best-dressed people I've encountered in my travels. (Unbiasedly, of course.) (okay okay I know I say that every time I'm clearly biased but this time doesn't count!). And, what with my research for my B.A. Thesis conveniently also focusing on the politics of the underground fashion movement in Iran, I was really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to photograph so many underground artists and designers that I would not have otherwise been able to run into.

3. Serve as an inspirational resource on an alternative form of dress | despite the fact that most of the men and women in Tehran Streetstyle are breaking governmental dress code regulations and that all of these photos were taken in the middle of the heat of summer, there are very little tight-fitting, skin-bearing looks. In the international fashion industry today, we are told that women should look sexy and that modesty is unattractive. We're here to say to hell with that. Beauty can be more than just showing skin. 

Creating this book for you has consumed my life since I started this project 6 months ago and I'm so, so excited to share it with you~

Pre-sale begins January 21st! #turnup / (Psst! Members of the JooJoo Azad Insider's List get exclusive early access & discounts to the pre-sale, so be sure to sign up before you miss your chance!) / Have you seen the sneak peeks on Insta (@hodakatebi) & Snapchat (hodakay)?

Update: Pre-sale has begun! Purchase Tehran Streetstyle at the JooJoo Azad Shop! And hurry--until February 1st along with your book we're sending you a matching organic cotton tote bag!

Thank you so much for your support!


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Announcing: the 2016 Reader Survey and the pre-sale date for my Tehran Streetstyle fashion photography book--the first of its kind! Read on for exciting times, y'all:

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Photo taken by Donya outside my favorite cafe in Tehran, Iran
Yikes. I said Ya'll. I clearly spent too much time in Oklahoma these past few weeks...

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARS! So honored to be sharing this space with you in 2016. We learned a lot, and we're just as excited to keep exploring and growing together in this coming year. JooJoo Azad has been such an integral part of my life and I really couldn't have done any of this without your continued support, love, comments, shares, and emails! Y'all fabulous.
Ugh. Did it again.

And in order to be able to make JooJoo Azad the best it can be--and maintain its place at the top of your favorite blogs list, hehe ;)--we (the blog and I) want to hear from you! For JooJoo Azad, 2016 will be THE year. I want to make this interactive--past the comment section!
So, my dear friends, I've put together a quick, no-more-than-five-minutes questionnaire to help me better learn about you, your likes and dislikes, and your thoughts and ideas!
It's completely anonymous so you can feel safe writing your deepest and darkest thoughts and feels.
If you have a few minutes, I would so appreciate filling out as much as you can to help us out! xx


And now for the exciting news: Pre-Sale will begin for my Tehran Streetstyle fashion photography book on Thursday, January 21st!
So I'm sort of head-over-heels ecstatic for this: I'm getting the opportunity to not only share with you a peek into my motherland (which is so close to my heart) through the lens of the underground fashion scene in Iran, but also the product of countless hours of sweat and tears and blood* of late-nights of editing, re-writing, and polishing.

*I got a papercut aka the worst cut ever.

The idea for this book actually came to me from y'all (I really need to stop using this word) -- In the last reader survey of January 2015, the most-requested post type was for Iranian Streetstyle. My consequent posts on Iranian Streetstyle then garnered the most curious questions and engagement--but of course, that's totally fair and expected, given that there are not many of us who have documented streetstyle in Iran, despite the fashion and style you find Iranians wearing to be mind-blowingly good!
Like I hope this book will be.

Tehran Streetstyle will be a hardback, 8.5" square, coffee-table book with full-bleed, full-color photographs printed on matte, waxed paper. So essentially, I think you'll like it.

Pre-sale will begin Thursday, January 21st right here on JooJoo Azad and will be available internationally! It will run for 10 days and include a lot of gifts from me to you!

Be sure to join the JooJoo Azad Insiders List to stay updated and receive an email reminder for pre-sale to make sure you can take advantage of everything that will be happening! I will also start releasing sneak-peeks and countdowns on my Instagram and Snapchat (hodakay) with the hashtag #TehranStreetstyleBook. (You're also welcome to share your excitement along with me using this hashtag too!)

This is the first-ever photography book in the world that has been published on Iranian streetstyle and the underground fashion industry and I'm so honored to be able to share it with you. 

Here's to a beautiful 2016. Thank you for letting me share it with you~



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1. Love is the most powerful, renewable human resource | seriously. From Iran to the United States, time after time. In a period when our societies are pressuring us to become more and more self-concerned, unconditional love for those beyond yourself and your immediate circles is a revolutionary act in itself. And an act necessary for activism and moving society forward.

2. Finish the damn thing | one of my worst habits: starting a million projects only to drop them within a few weeks. I learned that the hard work, stress and anxiety, and sleepless nights that follow the initial high of the excitement of starting a project is not only necessary to get anything done, but it only makes the prize of finishing sweeter. I learned/am still learning how to stop throwing away projects when I'm in the middle of the sweat and hard work.

3. Activism works--never doubt the power of the people | alright, can't exactly say this is something that I've "learned" this year, but I think it is safe to say at the very least this year has been inspiring for activists. From the victories at Mizzou to my own UChicago finally bowing down to community activists and agreeing to build a trauma center to the American Anthropological Association voting in favor of a boycott of israel, activists around the country have much to be proud about in 2015! The road ahead is long and tough, but it's important to celebrate our victories.

4. People are the most valuable thing on earth | developing relationships is more important than time; people are greater than grades. Pull that all-nighter the night before a paper is due to be there for a friend in need (not ignoring your own self-care too, of course). It's so much more valuable.

5. You're not alone | it's easy to feel that no one else is going through the same thing you are--a quick scroll on Instagram or Facebook and it seems everyone is just smiles and good times. But if you take a moment to study the people around you, you'll see that really, truly, we're all in the same place: a little lost and a little uncertain. And that's totally okay.

6. Tease your sense of adventure | it's those last-minute "okay whatever let's do this" decisions that make for the best experiences (and later make the best stories). I regret none of them. Don't be a total idiot, but a little adrenaline now and then keeps you alive.

7. Say "no" less | no, not to boys--to opportunities to learn and grow. I have a bad case of sorry-I'd-rather-stay-in-my-bed, but this year I really learned the value of forcing myself to get out of the house and go to events, lectures at university, exhibits, etc. Engage with the city. Take advantage of your location.

8. Mentors are awesome | really. Get one. Or five.

9. Forget realism. Strive toward an ideal | as someone whose head is usually among the clouds, one of the phrases I hear the most is "be realistic, Hoda." And while it is important to understand the physical and mental limitations of your body, I learned to forget 'em: it's much more rewarding to turn unrealistic into reality than simply settling for the realistic.

10. Work smart, not necessarily hard | this year was the year of slow blogging, and really learning the difference between working hard and working smart.

11. Laziness is your destruction | I learned this the hard way in 2015. Now let's make move forward in 2016! See number 7 & 2.

12.  Do not be dependent on others for stability and grounding | people change often, and you can't blame them for that. But, it's just so much more important to make sure that you do not render yourself wholly dependent on another's consistency for your own stability. Relationships are healthy. Attachment and dependence is not.  

13. Don't play the part that wasn't made for you | as I'm getting supposedly older, I feel more and more pressured to "act like an adult" or hold myself in a certain way in certain situations--and none of that feels quite comfortable. So instead of playing a part that obviously wasn't made for me, I learned to just say "screw it" and keep to my own role--a child who can't take herself seriously--everything is much more enjoyable that way, anyway.

14. Define productivity differently | this year, I've learned how to define productivity for myself differently to encompass self-care, long late-night conversations with friends, and any other time spent in ways that are valuable to my being but may not be necessarily checking things off my to-do list. I've started to understand time differently in ways that doesn't discouraging me from re-charging, setting time for myself, and laying on the couch and getting into deep conversations with my roommates.

15. Remember to always remind your loved ones of their value | Just a quick "I so value you/our friendship" to someone you care about is so very important. Please don't forget to do this often.

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How are some of the ways that you've grown in 2015? Experienced any of the same things I've listed above? Please leave it in the comments! I would love to read and learn from your experiences. I truly value reflection so much: extracting lessons and value from experiences transform a past memory into a continually active part of your life, and helps you develop and grow.

Here's to a beautiful 2015 and an even better 2016~
Happy New Year! See you on the other side.

P.S. Islam Q&A closing tonight! Don't forget to get your last questions in--let's correct some misconceptions! 


Above image taken during my last trip to the Sahara Desert in Morocco.