21 May 2015


Do you see the hidden message?
Save the Children is notorious for their extreme advertising. But their latest campaign raising awareness for child slavery in the fashion industry is rather brilliant. Can we get this clothing printed and distributed?

feed the children, feed the children ad, ethical fashion, ethical fashion editorial, provoking fashion editorial, alternative fashion, child slavery ad

feed the children, feed the children ad, ethical fashion, ethical fashion editorial, provoking fashion editorial, alternative fashion, child slavery ad

feed the children, feed the children ad, ethical fashion, ethical fashion editorial, provoking fashion editorial, alternative fashion, child slavery ad

I normally don't do posts like this but Alex sent these over and I thought they were too good to not share! How do you feel about this campaign? Love/hate it? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

P.S. My post on The Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth might provide a bit of context here! :) 

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20 May 2015


One of my favorite ethical companies, Enrou, is hosting a really beautiful 2 week Instagram challenge to encourage self-reflection, self-improvement, and bettering of the world! (& You should totally join!)

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This challenge is all about pushing us to live more intently, recognizing the impact of each decision that we make throughout the day that affects not only our lives but other all around the world--from where we shop and eat to how we interact with friends, family, and strangers. This is about living with purpose, and putting meaning into everything that we do as citizens of the globe. 

In order to make viable change in the world we first should focus on ourselves (shh I sort of stole that from Gandhi)--so, first week is focused on bettering ourselves: emotionally, physically, & mentally. Of course, this clearly would take longer than just a week to really engage with and improve ourselves, but who is going to join a 5 year Instagram challenge~ 

Week 2 is taking the same sort of improvement and applying it to our external surroundings by learning about and engaging with our environment. Day 8 is something we should definitely strive to do daily! (Just be careful about where you get your news from!) 

Instagram challenge, Ethical Instagram blog, ethical fashion, instagram engagement, betteryoubetterworld

Check out what Enrou has to say about this challenge over on their #BetterYouBetterWorld post!

The Instagram challenge started yesterday so hurry and take the pledge today! You can also follow along my journey on Instagram (@hodakatebi) or Enrou's (@enrou_) for updates & reminders!

*This post was not sponsored by Enrou, but rather I was invited to join and share the challenge with like-minded people (that's you!), and of course I can't pass up an opportunity for ethical challenges. Or Instagram. xx
Join us & take the pledge! 

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18 May 2015


No, not the fruit (I'm actually currently eating one and I would like to extend my full endorsement to their edible consumption) but the Spanish-based clothing company that has gotten themselves a comfortable spot on JooJoo Azad's official Boycott List~

Mango was actually added to the boycott list via the suggestion of the manager of an online Spanish fashion community (who requested to remain anonymous), after seeing the boycott list on the site. She wrote to me in Spanish (a language that I am struggling to retain since studying it in high school) and said that she personally had met the purchasing manager of Mango who had visited the Rana Plaza Factory days before its collapse and said nothing of the factory's clear lack of safety.
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We (the blog & I) of course immediately began the research, and this is what we found.

She's absolutely right. 
My Spanish is a lot better than I thought. 

ethical fashion, mango, boycott israel, ethical fashion blog, boycott fashion brands, spanish fashion

In fact, not only was Mango having clothing made at the Rana Plaza factory collapse, but they actually continue to refute any blame for the tragedy and refuse to pay compensation to the victims' families. So that's, like, pretty not cool.

Mango claims that they had not official began a contract with the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh but interviews conducted by the New York Times  with some of the workers at the factory seem to prove otherwise. 28 year old Mohammed Hossain notes:
"There was an urgency among the bosses...the managers told us to finish the Mango products urgently." 

Why the urgency? We can thank the demands of fast-fashion for that: Mango clothing that used to be sent to stores every 4-6 weeks is now arriving every 15 days, and this requires pressure on clothing factories to cut corners (say, for example, in safety) in order to meet the increasingly difficult deadlines set by Mango. 

Zara had actually pulled orders at the Rana Factory due to a failed safety inspection--the same safety inspection that Mango's purchasing manager ignored a few days prior to the factory collapse.

The fact that Mango management was aware that the Rana Plaza factory failed various regulations but continued to order clothing to be sewn under such conditions (not to mention their controversy with plus sizes that have upset many women) has therefore earned them their spot on the Boycott List--a spot that they will shamefully own until they raise their standards of ethics, take responsibility of the factory collapse, and rightfully compensate the victims of their negligence.

P.S. Have a brand you'd like me to research/you would like to add to our Boycott List? Shoot me an email or leave a comment! The Boycott List is a collaborative effort!

P.S. Please be sure to spread the word! This is a very important step in a successful boycott campaign as well as raising awareness for what is going on behind the scenes of the fashion industry!


Original image via Monica Carmona on Crossmap

17 May 2015


5 powerful ways to grow your blog offline: for those of us looking to expand our local audience, meet and work with amazing people, and take a break from the online world--this one is for you!

First of all, I must include a teensy disclaimer: I used to be really shy and reserved about this blog (yes yes Hoda can get shy too, I know, it's scary) and therefore in-person blog promotions were incredibly limited/absent for the first year and a half of my blog's life (so basically up until a month or two ago). Self-promotion has never been my forte (or just choice of interaction). But, overtime, as my blog has grown both virtually and as a part of my life, I am starting to learn the real value of (moderate) self-promotion!

1. Always Carry Business Cards on Your Person | you'll never know who you will run into! A great way to hold on to the relationships formed at those random, daily, very human interactions with people you meet on the bus, in line for the bus, and/or while you're complaining that the bus never comes on time.

2. Leave Your Business Cards Anywhere & Everywhere | most local coffee shops, relevant businesses, art centers, etc, have space that is already designated for, or will allow, business cards for their customers to pick up! Just be sure to ask permission before you add a little stack of your own beauties.

3. Attend Local Events in Your Niche | this is a great way to meet and engage with other influencers in the area as well as your target audience! Join local blogger networks and stay on top of event listings, check the events section of your local newspaper/magazine/sites weekly and try to attend at least one a month! (p.s. don't forget those business cards)!

4. Host an Event/Workshop | yes yes this might sound intimidating/difficult, but I do strongly believe that everyone has something that they can offer in the form of an event or workshop! From blogging basics to styling to photography tutorials to flower bouquet arrangements, there is always something that you can teach to your city! Host the even at a local brand/business and they will also help bring in (and welcome the additional) publicity! (If done properly this could also be monetized!)

5. Collaborate with Local Talent | I think this has to be one of my favorites from the list. Reach out to local photographers, brands, stylists, bloggers, models, etc and collaborate on a shoot, event, etc. It's a great way to meet new (incredibly talented) people, make new (super rad) friends, and grow your blog (especially if when everyone cross-promotes the project)!

Have you tried offline promotion? Did I miss anything that you have found particularly successful? Drop us (the blog & I) a line in the comments!

"Blogging Tips" is a new series on JooJoo Azad started due to popular demand and is focused on helping bloggers grow their blogs and speak out on issues that matter to them. New posts are published every Sunday.
For more: { blogging tips series }

13 May 2015


{ Photos: Alex Jung }

Had fun playing around in black & white & film-like vibes with a few new pieces that I brought over from my last travels to Morocco! This look was also one of the looks I put together for a feature on a Korean TV show that aired a few weeks ago in which I talked about the Hijab and how to wear it, and I'm happy that I can finally share this look with you, as I feel like I've worn this ensemble weekly! 

 If you've been catching up with my sleepless adventures on Instagram, (or just have read this sentence) you probably know that I finally have survived the nonsense that is mid-terms. I usually celebrate the end of mid-terms by sleeping really early as a little treat to myself, as it usually hasn't been on my priority list (or, on my list at all) these past few days, so, without further ado, I will now proceed to sleep for 10 trillion hours. 

P.S. I've recently been interviewed for a cutesy little feature on AWear World (I would like to express my support for their witty name) in which I talk a bit about intentions & motivations behind the creation of JooJoo Azad :) 

P.P.S Yes I also was shocked to find out that I was capable of publishing a post with such a short title, given that usually my post titles more resemble paragraphs?