JooJoo Azad (“Free Bird” in Farsi) is a radical online platform dedicated to the integration of ethical fashion and activism through an anti-capitalist, intersectional-feminist, lens. Our work has been featured in various online, in-print, radio, and television media internationally and focuses on exploring the intersections of fashion and social justice as a means of challenging Orientalism and mainstream beauty standards.

This space serves as a site of unapologetic identity reclamation.

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Tehran Streetstyle is a visual introduction to the Iranian underground fashion scene and the young people who play active roles in shaping and defining it. This book presents an alternative view of Iranians by challenging mainstream Western notions of Iran and fashion as well as domestic government regulations. Can you say #coffeetableonfleek?

Yes I need this.

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Field Testing: The New MATTER Ethical Dress

Friends at MATTER Prints have asked me to spend a day in a piece from their new ethical dress collection, and of course their Simple Shirt Dress in Falcon Footprint was an instant choice -- and the perfect compliment to a Sunday of errands and running around the city.

Sundays are typically designated for de-stressing, self-care, and catching up on all of the procrastination from the past week. For me, that translates into early mornings, wearing some of my most comfortable, hassle-free, and convertible pieces, committing to minimal (or no) social events or meetings, and a lot of ice cream breaks. Typically, I like to start my Sundays at 6:00am right after Fajr, or morning prayer, (I’m a morning person, if you can’t already tell) but today I let myself go back to sleep.

9am |  Morning bike ride. I’ve been trying to limit my caffeine intake, so I’m trying to start my day with an alternative source of energy: biking. I especially love biking alongside the lake, and finding a nice cool place to eat a snack and read.

10am | Reading. As a writer and community organizer, it’s important to be constantly learning and growing. I’m currently reading a book about Claudia Jones, a Black Trinidadian revolutionary feminist and journalist during the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. I love reading outdoors, and oftentimes change locations multiple times to find that spot that’s just right and not too loud.

12pm | Meetings. Whoops. I might have accidentally committed to a meeting or two. The first is a quick fitting for an upcoming shoot I’m collaborating on with a local, ethical brand and the second is a meeting for a group I organize with. I want to look semi-presentable, so I’m just going to swap out my hijab, my jeans for leggings, and convert my MATTER piece from a loose and casual cardigan to a dress, and belt it.

Let’s drive. (I dance a lot with my hands in my car while I drive and blast Persian music)

4pm | Ice Cream Break. Where has the day gone? I need ice cream. stat.

4:30pm | Work. One thing I love about being a political fashion blogger is that a lot of my work can be done online, remotely… and from an ice cream shop. This is what dreams are made of. Pulling out my laptop, hoping for wifi, and let the emails begin. I’ll probably be here until it gets dark, and then will head home to have dinner with my roommate on the couch in our pajamas. I won’t go to sleep for another several hours after dinner, because this girl doesn’t stop! I’m working on a number of exciting projects and collaborations, so, sleep can wait 😉

1am | Lights out!


Thank you to MATTER Prints for sponsoring this post and continuing to make JooJoo Azad possible. Show them some love by hitting up their Instagram or peeping their new collection of ethically-produced dresses

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