JooJoo Azad (“Free Bird” in Farsi) is a radical online platform dedicated to the integration of ethical fashion and activism through an anti-capitalist, intersectional-feminist, lens. Our work has been featured in various online, in-print, radio, and television media internationally and focuses on exploring the intersections of fashion and social justice as a means of challenging Orientalism and mainstream beauty standards.

This space serves as a site of unapologetic identity reclamation.

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Tehran Streetstyle is a visual introduction to the Iranian underground fashion scene and the young people who play active roles in shaping and defining it. This book presents an alternative view of Iranians by challenging mainstream Western notions of Iran and fashion as well as domestic government regulations. Can you say #coffeetableonfleek?

Yes I need this.

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Last Friday I had the honor of flying out to Los Angeles--aka my new favorite city in the USA--to speak on a panel covering everything from anti-Muslim racism to whitewashing Hollywood to the American flag Hijab (which you all know I loathe), for TNT's new television show called American Race.

The conversation took place over Facebook Live and I decided that being flown halfway across the country to speak on a Facebook Live panel was probably the most millennial thing I've ever done. (Except maybe drop my phone on my face when I'm in bed, trying to text).

Embarrassing reveals about my bad texting habits aside, you can watch the conversation below (or, if it doesn't work, you can watch here).

Thank you again to Kyle, TNT, and the whole crew for making this trip happen and inviting me to share my words on this panel!

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