JooJoo Azad (“Free Bird” in Farsi) is a radical online platform dedicated to the integration of ethical fashion and activism through an anti-capitalist, intersectional-feminist, lens. Our work has been featured in various online, in-print, radio, and television media internationally and focuses on exploring the intersections of fashion and social justice as a means of challenging Orientalism and mainstream beauty standards.

This space serves as a site of unapologetic identity reclamation.

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Tehran Streetstyle is a visual introduction to the Iranian underground fashion scene and the young people who play active roles in shaping and defining it. This book presents an alternative view of Iranians by challenging mainstream Western notions of Iran and fashion as well as domestic government regulations. Can you say #coffeetableonfleek?

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Somehow, we made it through another year. *pats self on the shoulder* In 2017, we (the blog & I) are taking a very strict, no-bullsh*t attitude toward our work, ourselves, and the road ahead. In the past twelve months we published a book, launched an internship program, hit record pageviews, were featured in major media outlets, and spoke at countless universities and establishments across the nation. 2016 has easily been the biggest year for JooJoo Azad yet, and we're excited for what we have planned for the next twelve months ahead.

We laid massive groundwork for incredibly important work to happen in 2017. 

With good timing, too--2017 (and the next four years) are looking particularly messy, politically. If any year is the year to get our senses together, this is it. We're building networks, coalitions, and expanding--on the ground and online. We're launching several massive projects in the next few months, and we're happy that you're here with us. 

None of our success would have been possible without your constant readership, support, sharing of posts, and kind messages throughout the years. 
So thank you, seriously. 

Speaking of help, it's that time of year where we ask for your input in our annual JooJoo Azad Reader Survey! This survey is always incredibly valuable for us: we get to learn more about you all--our audience--why JooJoo Azad is valuable for you, what types of posts you like and would like to see more of, and where we need to improve. 

It should just take a few minutes, and is copied below: 
As always, answers are completely anonymous. 

(If you cannot see the survey above, here is the link)

We really appreciate you taking a minute to fill it out. 
Also, if you're interested in getting more involved with our work, shoot me an email at hoda@joojooazad.com.

Here's to a powerful and resilient 2017. 


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