JooJoo Azad (“Free Bird” in Farsi) is a radical online platform dedicated to the integration of ethical fashion and activism through an anti-capitalist, intersectional-feminist, lens. Our work has been featured in various online, in-print, radio, and television media internationally and focuses on exploring the intersections of fashion and social justice as a means of challenging Orientalism and mainstream beauty standards.

This space serves as a site of unapologetic identity reclamation.

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Tehran Streetstyle is a visual introduction to the Iranian underground fashion scene and the young people who play active roles in shaping and defining it. This book presents an alternative view of Iranians by challenging mainstream Western notions of Iran and fashion as well as domestic government regulations. Can you say #coffeetableonfleek?

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WE'RE HIRING! Marketing Editor Internship Opening

We're excited to open applications for our 6-month Marketing Editor Internship!

Want to be working on a political fashion blog, producing an ethical clothing line, working to organize a Chicago-based sewing co-operative of refugee women, helping to manage a radical, international book club, building a network and collaborating with Muslim creatives and creatives of color internationally, spending time with someone who is perpetually craving ice cream (that's me), AND making money? Read on.

The JooJoo Azad internship is designed to support AMEMSA (African/Middle Eastern/Muslim/South Asian) women/femmes who are building their empires -- in entrepreneurship, journalism, media, and personal creative projects--and work with them in developing and furthering their networks, connections, portfolio, writing, community organizing, and leadership. We cannot rely on our oppressors to tell our stories. We must document our own narratives. 

Note that you do not have to be a USA citizen (or located in the USA) to apply! 

This position is open to be completed remotely, internationally!

Application deadline is April 30th and interviews will take place the following week. The position will begin May 2018 and interns are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours a week for 6 months, and will receive a stipend commensurate with experience. Complete application details and instructions can be found via the link below.


Happy applying, and can't wait to read your apps! 


Background photo used for graphics taken by Newsha Tavakolian

A Radical Reading Club, #BecauseWeveRead

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On International Working Women's Day, Please Understand Complexity

What do Hilary Clinton, Google, L'Oreal, Wonder Woman, and Nike all have in common? They are all fairly successful at convincing mass a...

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