20 April 2015


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In light of the Islamaphobic hate mail I received following the Charlie Hebdo attack, I opened up JooJoo Azad for questions to help clear up any misconceptions or try to answer any questions you may have about such a misunderstood religion.

Oh right and OHMYGOSH sorry for the 50 year over-due post. My apologies.
Don't hesitate to leave any clarification questions/further questions below! Or any complaints as to my lack of video skills, hehe. 

So here is part I, which is focused more on the basics, general questions, etc. But I talk about all of this in the video, so here goes! 

*Watch at your own risk* (because I've never done videos and talking into a camera is strange) hahaha....... ..... ... ..oh gosh. Enjoy!

P.S. I recorded this in 2 sittings hehe so don't mind the random clothing/etc change, whoops!


18 April 2015


Every year we come together on the 24th of April--the day that marks the anniversary of the horrible Bangladesh factory collapse at Rana Plaza--to ask "who made your clothes?" and demand a fashion industry that sets high ethical standards and sticks to them. Is it too much to ask brands to care about their workers?

fashion revolution, who made my clothes, whomademyclothes, ethical fashion, ethical fashion blog, bangladesh factory collapse

If I'm any good at reading minds (I'm a woman of many talents, you know), you're probably thinking:
"Wow this is so exciting and perfect for someone who cares about human rights like me!!! How do I join?" 
Perfect! See, this is why we're friends!
This year, there are so many ways that you can get involved: 

1. Learn, Know | totally new to the dark side of fashion? Yeah, unfortunately most people are! Head on over to Fashion Revolution's site and check out what this day is all about, why it exists, and what issues we are trying to tackle. 

2. Share on Social Media | if you're a blogger, join in me & put together a post on April 24th! A lot of bloggers email me asking how to slowly start incorporating a "social action" component to their sites, and I think this is a great way to start! For ideas, you can take a peek at my post last year: 5 WAYS TO TAKE ACTION: REMEMBERING THE 1 YR ANNIVERSARY OF THE BANGLADESH FACTORY COLLAPSE (you've probably already noticed that I like long titles...and caps lock) 

Don't have a blog? No problem! You can still tweet/update your Facebook/pin/tumble messages of your support via whatever social media you're on. Share posts that you enjoy, tweet statistics--anything to get the word out! 

3. Share IRL (In Real Life) | nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth! Aim to have at least one conversation next week with friends/family/peers/strangers on the street (it's actually more creepy fun than you think!) about the Bangladesh factory collapse and strive to become a conscious consumer

4. Take a Selfie | upload a selfie (brownie points if your clothes are inside out & tags are showing), tag the brand and ask them #whomademyclothes? (Bonus: I think by doing this one you most likely will end up doing no.3....a lot)

5. Find an Event Near You | look up Fashion Revolution events near you and bond with your neighbors and fellow activists over human rights (sounds like the perfect day, tbh). I'm sure there will also be free food. Because human rights activists care like that. ;) 

fashion revolution, who made my clothes, whomademyclothes, ethical fashion, ethical fashion blog, bangladesh factory collapse

(Also you should totally pin the above image to remind you to post/hint at others to do the same!) 

I'm joining the revolution for a more ethical fashion industry. Are you?


16 April 2015


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menswear, editorial, black and white editorial, fashion, fashion blog, menswear blog
menswear, editorial, black and white editorial, fashion, fashion blog, menswear blog

Just a little does of inspiration to get us through this week--has it also been longer than usual for anyone? For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I mentioned that today's post would *finally* be the Islam Q&A video that I promised months (years??) ago (see a sneak peek here!) but unfortunately classes, a few extra meetings, and a lack of sleep (shh don't tell my parents) have gotten the better of me and the video still remains unpublished. As it's *basically* finished (only a few more little edits left!!) it will be up asap! In the meantime you can prepare by following my newly-made youtube channel and peruse through pretty pictures with me like the above editorial or others on my pintrest!

Here's to Thursday--we're almost at the weekend! 


13 April 2015


I really freaking love the psychology of social networks. Is that weird?
Behold, the guide to the absolute best time to post on social media and blogs--the product of personal experience, brands and apps, social media and blogger experts, and in some cases, even the social media channel themselves.
(This is one of those things to pin and come back to/print off and tape above your blogging workplace/bookmark)

blogging tips, social media scheduling, best time to post on facebook, best time to post on blogs, reader engagement, increasing social media engagement

  • Most people tend to read blogs in the morning with the start of their day 
  • More men than women read blogs in the evening 
  • On average, the most pageviews come in at 11am
  • Highest traffic comes in on Mondays and Thursdays

  • 1:00-5:00pm on weekdays (lunchtime!) 
  • Highest engagement on Wednesdays (it's the middle of the week--ain't nobody want to do work)
  • Engagement is lowest on the weekends, and everyday before 8am

  • Best times to post: 12pm, 5pm, 6pm on weekdays 
  • Weekends have about 17% higher engagement for clothing brands

  • Saturdays are the best time to pin, optimally at 8pm-11pm & 2am-4am (lol) 
  • Highest engagement for fashion & brands: 3pm Friday
  • During the week, try to pin from about 1-4pm EST

But of course, it is important to note that not every reader is the same, and these should be tailored to your readers. Test a few of them out and note and compare engagement levels to find a time and day that is just right!

A few tools to help | so maybe not all of us want to stay up until 4am to increase the engagement of a single pin, yeah, I guess that's valid. Tools like Buffer or HootSuite can help you schedule social media posts to publish when inconvenient for you (or to give you more time to do other things, like buy and eat ice cream).

P.S. This post was promised for Sunday, so my apologies of its delay--I was having a bit of technical issues with the internetz and so I watched Big Hero 6 with my roommates last night and cried myself to sleep. Hope that's a valid excuse. teehee!

"Blogging Tips" is a new series on JooJoo Azad started due to popular demand and is focused on helping bloggers grow their blogs and speak out on issues that matter to them. New posts are published every Sunday.
For more: { blogging tips series }


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10 April 2015


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Couldn't resist posting some of the really great finds I've been listening to on repeat and that have helped me survive the second week of spring quarter (which was increasingly difficult once I realized I had to turn in my B.A. Thesis proposal this week! Yikes! *cue internal crisis about being almost finished with undergraduate studies and having to face the real world*)

Erm...anyway, enjoy! Here's to the weekend~

update: many of you have mentioned that the above player is not the best, as not everyone has spotify/the first track is being ridiculous, so I re-created this mini playlist on youtube :)