Yes, I know I've started a bit of a tradition putting together an instagram collection at the beginning of each month, welcoming the new and being confused on how fast the past flew by. But, as I had not been posting regularly on JooJoo Azad these past few weeks, this is sort of my half-baked excuse for why I had neglected posting and not following through posting regularly (as I said I would do basically every week--my bad). Classes here at UChicago actually just started last week, so technically I shouldn't be as sleepless as I am, but hey we don't say UChicago is "where fun comes to die" for nothing (yes, that's a thing).

Speaking of which, I really should get to bed. So I suppose this post will also need to be kept a bit short. I'll let the photos/captions do the talking~

From where I stand, wearing a manteau in Tehran, Iran (what is a manteau, you might ask? Check out this post!) | New internship downtown! | Slowly moving into my new apt--2 weeks have gone by but at least the clothes are up! | The Bongo Room aka the best place to get brunch in Chicago

Forcing the brosky to pose for a photo because he was looking particularly sharp | Magritte special exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago! If you're in the area, you really must check it out! | Cold & wet days call for all-black | More photos from downtown because I think I actually missed the city. maybe.

My internship is filled with really great quotes | The Stromae concert was absolutely formidable | Post-Stromae art perusing again, at the Art Institute of Chicago | Okay yes I missed the downtown buildings that kiss the clouds

Dropping by Mata Traders HQ to pick up clothes for the For the Sake of Fashion 2014 benefit runway show! (Enter to win 2 front row tickets + dinner here!) | The sun setting in the city before the first day of classes *tears* | Zach being a lovely friend helping pick out (/modeling) clothing from OneFindDuo for the runway show! | Google Maps is the best at directing me on safe, un-sketchy routes 

Anywhoo, my bed is definitely calling my name--in the mean time keep an eye out for upcoming exciting collaborations with really amazing/socially-responsible brands, a mini tour around the apt, and more backlogged shoots from Morocco!

Also, check out the rest of le photos from le Instagram here!