Oh my. So, Morocco has been absolutely lovely..

Just got back from the Sahara (read a bit on that adventure here

I hope that these photos make up at least a teeensy bit for my 2 week+ absence! This is by far the longest break that I've taken from blogging and I must say that I'm coming back feeling quite energized and ready to post regularly again (...anticipating that the wifi here in Morocco stays semi-reliable this next week)! Alex and I have been shooting quite a bit I can't wait to share with you the photos from our explorations! (In the meantime, I have been updating my Instagram regularly if you'd like to connect with me there! c; 
I've barely had time to breathe since arriving, what with missing bags (story + shoot to come!), a larger language barrier than expected, and a bit longer-than-usual stares, but from everything I've seen thus far, Morocco is filled with beautiful places and people! Unfortunately, I didn't make it through the bulk of my photos that I've taken so far, and so I still have quite a lot to share, but just think of this post as a I'm-still-alive-thanks-for-checking-in-on-me-I-promise-I'll-get-better-at-this post c; 

Iftaar in a little cafe in downtown Rabat~

Alex and I woke up to catch the sunrise and take a shoot (so excited to share this shoot with you!)

Camel pocket-square made from palm tree leaves because why the hell not

The legendary Moroccan tea on handmade Berber carpets

(Sort of secretly) shooting in little alleyways in Rabat!

One week left in Morocco and off to Iran! Thanks again for sticking around! 

To anyone who has visited/lives in Morocco: Any suggestions on places to see around the Rabat area for my last week here? c: 

P.S. OH and it totally slipped my mind I will definitely be posting a bit about Ramadan as well, momentarily, (especially since this is my first time observing Ramadan in a Muslim country) but in the meantime, Ramadan Mobarak to all who are fasting! (if you have any specific questions about Ramadan/anything please feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll try my best to answer in the next post!) 

Talk to you in the comments!