I feel like time is continuously getting harder and harder to keep up with. (Yes, I know I always say this when I realize that another month is gone, but really, it’s starting to get sort of terrifying). I’ll be starting my first day at my internship today tomorrow (In Iran the workday starts from Saturday—the weekend is really just Friday (and sometimes Thursday too)), in a little over a month I’ll be living in my first apartment, a few weeks later classes will resume, and then three months later I’ll be back in the Middle East (Morocco!), and I already know that it will all pass with a blink of an eye. (Trying my best to make this the least bit depressing)!

But, no matter how long I try to delay the coming of August by ranting, July has come and gone and I need to get my shit together for what lies ahead. I’ve recently come to realize that I usually live by experiencing first and reflecting after, rather than taking the time to actually consider what will come of my actions before committing them. And for now, I feel as if I have done, and am still doing, too much experiencing and leaving little to no time left to breathe, sit, and reflect on the several past weeks, and for this reason I feel that time is melting between my fingers (and my blog remains un-updated, despite promises to the contrary—I will get on it this time, I promise)!

If you follow me on Instagram (yes that was link was my attempt at making you subliminally want to follow me) you might have seen this photo and know that I am now currently le motherland (aka Iran!) although all these photos are from Morocco because I am still quite backlogged with Morocco posts! (That are coming up--yes I am aware regular posting is a thing--that will happen soon enough!)

And now, for a little wrap-up of the times past~

Beautiful whites at the Hassan Tower in Rabat, Morocco
The view from one of my most favorite places in Morocco: the Oudaya. Watching the sunrise from the Oudaya is one of the few things in this world one can truly call perfect.

Exploring the Hassan Tower pre-shoot (photo credit: Youssef)

Most favorite icecream shop in Morocco the world (exculding Iran): Oliveries in Agdal, Rabat!

The kittens got more camera time than the actual castle (becuase how could you say no?!)

Ruins at an ancient castle in Rabat (now haunted by the largest/loudest birds known to man) (only sort of kidding)

First shoot from Morocco, going up within the next few days! (Can you guess what doesn't belong?)
(Photo credit: Alex)

A little hand-made instrument shop in the souk in Marrakech. Haggled the price down to $10 and then realized I wouldn't have room in my suitcase so I didn't buy it. Felt somewhat bad.

And finally, through these times of limited internet connection and unpredictable posting, a little graffiti message to all of my readers from the walls of Morocco:

Trying not to overwhelm with photos so I'll just post a few here and the rest on JooJoo Azad's Facebook page within the next week (which just hit 1k+ likes--thank you!) so be sure to like the page so you can make sure you don't miss the photos!
P.S. You can find Part 1 of this post here
P.P.S. I highly encourage you to stay updated with the genocide currently going on in Gaza, as the death toll continues to climb. My friend blogs about the issue at Sixteen Minutes to Palestine, definitley worth a minute of your time.