“Anyone pulled from a source 
longs to go back”

Photo: My cousin double checking to make sure we packed everything as we get ready to return home

Just returned late last night from a 3-day trip to one of my favorite places on the globe that I’ve visited thus far—the Caspian Sea in northern Iran. I’ve always felt a strong pull toward expansive bodies of water, as you might remember me mentioning in my little reflective post, and the first time I visited the Caspian Sea was where my soul has felt the most at rest. The endless waves excite my spirits, clear my lungs, and brighten my face—the line from Rumi’s poetry translated into English at the beginning of this post really strikes a chord here. A feeling only poetry can really put into words.

Prior to the 3-day trip شمال [shomal], or north of Iran, I spent another several days in the Alborz mountain range, which also lacked wifi. So now, one week and 800 photos later, I am incredibly refreshed to jump back into blogging regularly (whatever that means) and have too much to share with you (I still haven’t forgotten about my Morocco shoots)! So, to pressure myself to stay on track and give you an idea of what is to come, here is a little schedule I’ve put together of what you can expect in the next couple of weeks on JooJoo Azad:

 8/17th (today)
8/19th: 7 Things from Iran A mini documentation of the beauties I’ve purchased in Iran
8/21th: Daily-wear in Iran
8/23st: Postcards from Iran Part I A collection of photos from the motherland, as requested, to share an image of what Iran really is rather than what you might see on your television
8/25rd: Vlog from the Caspian Sea My first vlog—eep!
8/27th: Postcards from Iran Part II Including photos from the trip north and the sea! (And how women in Iran can enjoy the sea, too)
8/29th: Social Action: The 101 on the Israel-Palestine Conflict—What is Going on Right Now, Exactly? An outfit post from Morocco (one of my favorites yet!) and a quick, super-informative, easy-to-read post giving you an overview of what is currently happening on the ground to your fellow human beings and how you can take action through fashion. [EN: This is a post you won’t want to miss!]

 Not on the above schedule but upcoming: A giveaway from Iran!

 OH! I almost forgot to mention! To celebrate JooJoo Azad’s 1-year birthday (I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for a year now!) last August 10th, we’re officially moving to a real domain name this week! www.joojooazad.com is coming to computer screen near you, so don’t forget to change your bookmarks/shortcuts/whatever you use to read the blog (p.s. If you follow my site from a 3rd party i.e. Bloglovin, Google Friend Connect, etc, I changed everything so you don’t have to)!

Thank you, truly, for an amazing year (and one week)!

P.S. I’d love to hear what sort of posts you’d like to see more of! What from the list above do you want to see more of/less of?

Now on to you!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts—see you in the comments!