Just a little status update from where I like to call home. Trying my best to sick to my niche and not turn JooJoo Azad into a travel blog, but it's rather difficult to refrain from sharing photos from a contry that is only heard about (negatively), and not seen.

The weekends in Iran (Friday and sometimes Thursday) largely consist of soaking up the warm sun and tea and playing Hokm (an Iranian card game) for hours on end. I feel so much lighter without my phone glued to my side or feeling the urge to consistantly check my email. Life has finally slowed down just a bit and I'm starting to catch my breath.

I've only been in Iran for about 3 weeks but already I have learned and grown so much, talking with my boss, family, and the people around me. I haven't quite broken out my camera because I'm not too psyched about feeling like a tourist, but I promise I'll publish a quick little photo diary within the next few weeks (a few little snapshots are already up on my Instagram) because I think it is really important for people to see what Iran truly is, rather than what you might have heard from the news. So stay tuned!

As always, thank you for reading~