As the only place I can truly call home, traveling to Iran is always a magical experience for me--one of personal growth, self-discovery, and immense learning and exploration. Reflecting in the breeze of the Caspian Sea and from within the encompassing Alborz Mountain range with my notebook and pen in hand, I put together a quick list of a few of the things I learned in my month stay in Iran~

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1. Escape. Into nature | taking time away from reality and spending days simply consuming your landscape breathes new life into your being. Life seems new again. Do this more often

2. Poetry can teach you how to live | and how to love. Translated, Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it -Rumi. Read more Rumi

3. Mid-days are for naps & tea | because in Iran, you don't have much of a choice to do otherwise as the whole city shuts down at noon to eat lunch, take a nap, pray, and drink tea. This is actually incredibly energizing and try to continue after returning to the states

4. You're never too young (or old!) | don't shy away from opportunities that may seem bigger than yourself

5. Life is more important than a schedule | life will get in the way of crossing things off your to-do list. This is inevitable and not worth the stress

6. Don't take yourself so seriously | seriously though

7. Step out of your comfort zone now and then | because see no. 9

8. You'll probably more regret not acting on something that acting on it | trust your feels; live a little

9. Everyone has something to teach you; listen | & talk to anyone you get the chance to. In my time in Iran, I came to learn that the people who are forgotten by society have the most to say, the most to teach

10. Language is really so important | try not to lose it. Especially not your mother tongue

11. People are truly beautiful | 

{photo: Bank Melli | Tehran, Iran}


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