Forget New York, the real fashion this week can be found in the capital of Persia.... 

So, this post was supposed to go up a few days ago, right as I was saying that I have finally resolved to stick to a strict, every-other-day schedule of posting. We all know that I'm unreliable when it comes to timing (you can thank my Persian roots for that), but this time, I have a real excuse--last-minute packing and flying across the world took a bit longer than expected. Yes, *sigh* I am back to the unbearable heat, piercingly loud cicadas (were they always this loud!?), and over-sized fried food that is Oklahoma, USA. (Psst this doesn't mean I'm finished with my post from Iran--still have a travel guide, more photos, and lessons learned coming your way!).

Anywhoo, as promised, here is a bit of Iranian streetstyle straight from the streets of Tehran, Iran! As I mentioned in my (everyday) outfit post from Iran, women in Iran wear a headscarf and manteau, or a long, light jacket that covers your backside. Most of the men that I saw were wearing some sort of button-up, usually lightly patterned. Iranians mostly dress up when leaving the house--I have not yet seen anyone on the streets in sweats, and very few without makeup.

As you can see from the photos, the dress codes in Iran (whether you agree with them or not) are far from hindering personal expression exuding through fashion.

Update (2016): We just published the first-ever collection of in-print fashion photography from Tehran, Iran! What a way we came from this post. Check it out here.

If you enjoyed these photos, be sure to peep my Tehran Streetstyle Book, out now!