Ah, how quickly time passes. Our trip to Morocco already seems ages ago, when we woke up at an un-Godly hour to catch the sunrise on the roof of our hotel. (Honestly, I'm still in disbelief as to how we managed to wake up before noon on vacation, but, this was in the name of the blog...and a bit of exploration.) Cities, I've found, are always so different in the early hours of the morning. So peaceful, so calming. If I had the physical ability to wake up at sunrise and start my day watching the sunrise every morning with a cup of tea in my hand, I would probably be a much better human being. But alas. Ain't nobody got time for dat. But it's definitely a magical experience when it does happen, once in a blue moon.

While Morocco overall was not unbearably hot, Marrakech, we were warned, was a different story, as we were nearing the Sahara Desert (p.s that is actually my all-time favorite photo from our trip!) and the sun will literally melt your skin off if you're not wise (so you could tell I was nervous). Facing such conditions, the instinct for most (well I guess excluding Muslims) would be to wear as little as possible. But doing so is actually much hotter as the sun is directly on your skin (& therefore will give you the. worst. sunburns. in the history of your skin). Rather, the best option is to cover all of your skin (& head--no, I'm not trying to convert you....yet)(gotta protect that scalp too!) in light, airy colors and fabrics. So, I tied a light blue (Alex is convinced it's white...it's blue, right?!) thin blouse over a breezy maxi dress. And of course the usual jewels--black watch stolen borrowed from my mother, gifted bird necklace from Iran, and a fake wedding ring (when in Morocco, right?) (;

{ location: Marrakech, Morocco | photos: Alex | Maxi Dress: c/o Mart of China
| Headscarf: Iran | Blouse: Zara | Rings: H&M // similar can be found below}

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Happy Tuesday! Off to Chicago tomorrow morning! xx


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