Happy Ramadan to my Muslim family, friends, and readers!

Last year I put together a Ramadan 101 post explaining the purpose of this month for anyone who would like to learn more about this incredibly rewarding experience. I also encourage you to try it out for a day or two (the first day is always the hardest!) if you have never experienced a day of fasting before. Click on over to the post to read about a few things that you can expect to learn while experiencing real hunger.

For those of you who are observing Ramadan this year, here are a few helpful links I've found!
+ 27 Foods to Eat at Suhoor that Release Energy Throughout the Day
+ 10 Time Management Tips for Ramadan 2015
+ 7 Nutrition Tips for Ramadan Fasting

I want to finish up answering those last set of questions you all asked me about Islam + continue to try to answer anything that is on your mind, especially since ISIS is continuing to make headlines, China is refusing to let Muslims fast, and France is...well France is still being their xenophobic selves.
So, without further ado, I've re-opened the anonymous ask (also copied below) so you can fire away! I'll be uploading my responses to my youtube channel ( http://bit.ly/hodadoesyoutube ) everyday!

Ramadan Kareem/Ramadan Mubarak/Happy Ramadan to all who are observing!
And for those of you who are not religious, I hope you also have a wonderful month ahead full of self-reflection and growth!

Here in southern United States we'll be waking up at 3:45am to start the day (okay and promptly falling back asleep after eating and finishing morning prayers) and abstaining from food & drink until 9:30pm. How about where you have to live?

For those of you who are more new to Ramadan, is there anything you are curious about? Ask!


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