I feel like blogging has fallen into the capitalist mode of production: quantity over quality. Keywords and numbers of reasons why someone should do something* are systematically slapped together, materials of which were ripped off another blogger's stolen work. Titles manipulated to disguise the lack of words, only aimed at growing pageviews and followers, rather than readers.

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Can't say that I hadn't tried it out myself once or twice, just as everyone wants to play in capitalists' game of fast-fashion--hey, we all love immediate albeit temporary satisfaction for little cost--fast-blogging seemed a guarantee to  a quick fix on feeling successful. A couple silly posts hit record pageviews but left me with few reader relationships and fewer time on my own hands left to work on projects that inspired me. I invest (quite a bit of) time (whatever little I have as a university student aka expert procrastinator) into every blog post, and after an academic quarter/2.5 months of committing to blogging every other day (& failing, of course--as a Persian, time-commitments and deadlines don't compute) and making JooJoo Azad my part-time job, I realized that the biggest thing holding me back from executing all of the exciting projects I had dreamt up (& truly growing my blog) was, in fact, making sure that my blog was on schedule. Which is kind of silly, if you really think about it.

Simply put, the JooJoo Azad (for those of you new to the show this means "Free Bird" in Farsi, and, contrary to popular belief, is not my name) had caged itself.

Now that I'm really committed to a number of major projects and collaborations, I don't think committing to posts every other day would be sustainable (for either of us). In the words of one of my favorite bloggers, Jen of JennyPurr, "Make yourself smaller so you can make yourself bigger."
So well-said.
And I think it is only after 2.5 months of making this mistake that I've really learned what that means. Not to mention this means less burnout and writers block.

So, I'm committing to two posts every week, with each post being something worth your (and my) time. Deal?

If you're interested in slow blogging & want to learn more be sure to check out Jen's Slow Blogging for Creatives and the Slow Blog Manifesto.

*Okay maybe I was a bit too harsh. Numbers in titles seems like a current blogging fad but I'm kind of a fan. My life is organized into lists.

TL;DR: Fast blogging is like capitalism. I am not a capitalist and therefore I will no longer embrace it. What I will embrace though, are quality posts and thinking ahead/sustainably. Also, apparently I understand everything through politics. 

I honestly would love to hear from you. Are you a fan? Have you thought about slow-blogging?
P.S. Keep the questions on Islam coming--they are all so interesting so far!


P.S. I'll be in Germany in two days(!!!!). Come along!