We're sharing their stories here because mainstream media refuses to do so. Anti-blackness and Islamaphobia in the USA is real. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Last week, three Black Muslim youth, Muhannad Tairab (age 17), Adam Mekki (age 20), and Mohamedtaha (age 23) were murdered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The media is silent. The police refuse to investigate and dismisses any claims to their murder being motivated by the hate that is over-saturated in this country.

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I'm rather inarticulate in times of pain, so I will just share the words of Afaq Mahmoud, the cousin of two of those murdered:

"This week, two of my cousins and a friend were murdered execution style in Fort Wayne Indiana. Since then, I’ve read comments saying they deserved to die because they were muslim, because they were black, because they were probably in a gang, because they were probably on drugs, etc.
They were murdered execution style, with multiple shots fired. They were murdered execution style in this country. We don’t know why. There’s no possible reason why. But even if they weren’t killed because of their faith or skin or nationality, the reaction to their deaths is a direct result of these factors.
Do you know what it takes to run from war? Do you know what it means to flee from one war zone only to land in another? Do you know what it means to flee to “safety" and have it swallow you whole? Do you know what it means to feel unsafe in your own country in your own city in your own skin?
They were good boys. They were Sudanese Americans. They were citizens of this country. They were good boys.
I should not have to state that for you to see them as human. I should not have to state that at all.
Their faces are trending on social media. Do you know how triggering it is to see strangers drag your blood through the mud? They were murdered on Wednesday and again every day since then. They were killed on Wednesday and those who try to tarnish their names are killing us too.
They were good boys and people are saying their skin makes them thugs and their faith makes their deaths worth celebrating.
They were good boys, but what the hell kind of people only mourn deaths if lives were lived according to their standard? What the hell kind of people only mourn people if they look and live and pray like them?
This whole thing has taught me a few things.
Although their funerals were on Saturday, they’ll be buried every day since.
Apparently lives are only worth mourning when they look a certain way. Apparently lives are only worth mourning when they live a certain way. Apparently lives are only worth mourning when they pray a certain direction. Apparently some lives aren’t worth mourning at all.
I won’t sit silently and watch this happen.
If you have somethings to say about these boys, say them to me.
If you have questions, ask me.
Please let them rest.
Please look at how their family mourns them, and tell me again how they’re not human.
They were good boys.
Rest in peace Taha, Muhannad, and Adam.
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ"
Their murder comes only a little after the one-year anniversary of the death of Muslim-Americans Deah, Yusor, and Razan in Chapel Hill.

Please do "like" the Our Three Brothers Facebook Page and sign the petition demanding that the authorities at Fort Wayne, Indiana conduct a full investigation into their murder and do not ignore the claims of a hate crime. If you'd like to share Afaq's words on your own facebook timeline (which she hopes that you will do to help spread the word!), you can do so here.

Rest in Power, Taha, Muhannad, and Adam. 
You will live on in all of our hearts.