In general, we (the blog & I) are big fans of jumpsuits/rompers. They are inherently a friend of the minimal wardrobe-ist. -- And even more so when that jumpsuit is ethically made, supports artisans internationally, and hand-dyed with sustainable dyes! This dope new jumpsuit collection from MATTER Prints--a long time friend of JooJoo Azad--is worth having a chat about.

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What's particularly exciting about jumpsuits when it comes to slow and sustainable fashion? Since we're all keeping a minimal wardrobe here (read: 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Minimal Wardrobe) we're keeping purchases at a minimum. We're keeping our material goods at a minimum. So, logically following the fact that we clearly own very little clothing now, the beauty and art of fashion lies in how to assemble your mini closet in a way that constantly keeps you stimulated. So when a piece is made to be so convertible and re-worn in so many different ways, you know you've found a major key alert.*

*While ya'll know I'm not a DJ Khaled fan, the fact that he played Qur'an while live-snapping his child's birth (leaving questions about why anyone would live snap their child's birth aside) is making me (slowly) reconsider. Because that was hella cute. I may or may not have just given a mini appreciation note. But keep this between you and I for now. Shhh.

Ethics aside (like they do in politics), why does Hoda like this jumpsuit in particular? For someone who's mind is still asleep while my eyes are blankly staring at my clothing rack (and let's be honest, probably already running late--s/o to my Persian roots that have no concept of time), I sometimes need the morning game of hurry-the-hell-up-and-put-something-on-why-did-you-think-it-was-a-good-idea-to-stay-up-all-night-again to be simplified. Aka when this jumpsuit becomes #bae -- a two-second fix that makes it look like I tried. And slept the night before.  It is as fast and easy as your everyday jumpsuit but doesn't make you look like you walked off your farm in Oklahoma. (#tbt to when I used to live in Oklahoma)*

*Also another secret that I need you to keep between the two of us. 

ethical fashion, ethical fashion blog, ethical jumpsuit, jumpsuit, ethical romper, muslim fashion, hijabi fashion
Photos: Felton Kizer | Jumpsuit: c/o MATTER Prints (size down) | Gold cuff (right hand): c/o Mata Traders | Gold cuff (left hand) c/o Greenola Style 

Along with making you feel super tall (esp. when paired with a cardigan of equal height), this jumpsuit from MATTER Prints is soft, fits comfortably oversized (read: doesn't pull and push on your body like typical jumpsuits), and is the perfect fix for when the weather is as moody as your ex.

This one I grabbed is in Kirana print--a print that traditionally is meant to inspire bright stars and full moons--signs of tranquility and peace because God knows I need constant reminders to practice self-care and stop running around all the time.

Speaking of stopping running around (not that I'm helping my case at all right now)-- a bit of traveling is in the works! If you're in the area, come say hey!

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*This post was sponsored by Matter Prints, but all opinions are my own.