People always ask me how much clothes I have as a fashion blogger. There are endless youtube videos of bloggers and their closets--some larger than my bedroom--and so it seems having a massive wardrobe is part of the job description.
But as a social action blogger, I have to instinctively go the other way and try to promote limiting a wardrobe rather than expanding it, as it is endless consumption that leads to exploitation of people and resources! While my mother might say otherwise, I really don't have as much clothes as you might think. I recently purged through my closet and it really feels so good. Converting my overcrowded wardrobe into a minimal one (oh and p.s. in this post, minimal here is meaning a small or limited wardrobe, not minimal as in the style that I have been currently craving.) has been such a great decision that really helped to clear up my closet and my mind! //

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1. You can breathe better | really. After I purged my closet for the first time, I felt like putting together looks became so much easier.

2. You learn to disassociate your life with consumer objects | the act of getting rid of a large portion of your closet is a practice in lessening attachment to materialism (see number 3 in 15 Important Things 2014 Taught Me) and shifting the focus in your life on what really matters

3. You can help others | clean out your closet to not only help yourself but others as well--donate everything you are not wearing to a local homeless shelter and help people who really need the clothes more than you.

4. It helps define & develop your personal style | without the mess of clothes that is just no longer "you," your own personal wardrobe essentials are determined. For me, this meant a lot of button-down shirts and graphic jackets! Hone in on what cuts and shape you like, and what is comfortable and flattering for your own body shape. Knowing this will also help with your next purchases (not that we're planning on doing that anytime soon, right? c; )

5. More space | especially effective if you live in a smaller apt where space is an issue or just prefer a closet that is more aesthetically pleasing rather than stuffed & cramped.

If you're having trouble purging your own wardrobe, let me know in the comments & I can put together a quick little guide in the coming days! Did I leave anything out?

P.S. Hooray! I've finally bought a new phone on the black market in Rabat. This means I'm back on Instagram and will be updating with my travels to Tangier, Morocco this weekend! Follow along, here!



This post is part 1 of a series encouraging the transition to a minimal wardrobe—as in a wardrobe that is physically minimal (not the style) in order to limit our consumption, detach ourselves from material possessions, and live more socially-conscious lives.
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