While channeling my inner style--what I like to call 'unicorn throwup'-- in Morocco was rather difficult, given that most Moroccans dressed like normal human beings (and attracting more attention to myself, on top of already doing shoots in public, was not at the top of my things-I-should-be-doing list), I was able to break it out a bit the same morning Alex and I woke up early and sneaked out to do this shoot catching the sunrise on the rooftop of our hotel, as we were not expecting to run into many people at such an early time. (To our dismay, we did) (It was really awkward) (bc we apparently were shooting right in front of the entrance to his home) (whoops)

But gosh do I miss this weather. Here in Chicago the weather is slowly tip-toeing towards a polar vortex again aka an infinite bitter sub-zero mess of broken dreams and skin. 

In other news please enjoy a time-lapse of me slowly becoming friends with a cat. 

{ Photos: Alex | Location: Marrakech, Morocco | Sandals: c/o Zappos }
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