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 1. Limit your spending | don't think of this as a "let's-get-rid-of-everything-and-re-buy-a-new-wardrobe" because that is not what we're doing here. We are getting rid of (aka donating) and editing our current over-stocked inventory, not restocking.

 2. Follow the "always, sometimes, never" rule | separate all of your clothes into 3 categories based on how often you wear/don't wear them.

3. Analyze | great, you have a set of wardrobe staples (your "always" pile). Now time to purge your "sometimes" pile! Ask yourself: 
  • Does it still fit right? 
  • If it is damaged can I fix it? 
  • Is it comfortable? 
  • Does wearing it make me happy?
  • Can I wear this in multiple ways?
  • Does it have strong sentimental value?
Answering "no" to any of these questions is a good reason to move it to the donate pile!

4. Start defining your style | as I’ve gotten older I have been able to hone down on how I want to define myself visually: I have key elements/colors in my closet that are consistent and harmonious, with minor exceptions (I think I own one article of pink clothing…maybe). Defining my style enables me to donate whatever doesn’t fit ideologically with the rest of my clothes (shorter hemlines, tighter clothing, colors that are unflattering, etc).

5. Organize what is left | finally, make sure everything is visible, accessible, and organized in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. It will make getting dressed so much more enjoyable, easier, and quicker! Enjoy the new space and new life of a less cluttered and more defined wardrobe! xx 


This post is part 2 of a series encouraging the transition to a minimal wardrobe—as in a wardrobe that is physically minimal (not the style) in order to limit our consumption, detach ourselves from material possessions, and live more socially-conscious lives.


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