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Alright, alright. I should have learned my lesson from last weekend  all of the previous weekends that getting work done/any sort of productivity doesn't really happen after Thursday (....or Monday). So rather than having a post on cultural appropriation for today like I had planned, I'll just leave you with this photo from the souk in Fes, Morocco, where I spent the entirety of yesterday exploring rather than working on this post. Fes is an incredibly beautiful (and ancient!) city built into the rolling hillside and is home to endless art, architecture, and handicrafts--it has the largest tannery in all of Morocco!
I will be uploading more photos to my Instagram from my recent travels if you'd like to explore, too!

Also I have yet to find a camera battery *sigh* so the video on Islam answering your questions will have to be placed on hold for now, as well :(

In any regard we (the blog & I) have quite a bit of exciting upcoming content for the month of February so stay tuned!

Now I should probably publish this post before I pass out on my computer....happy Sunday!