Refinery29 just published an insanely-popular post--"6 Stores You'll Love as Much as Zara"--featuring fast-fashion brands fueled by slave labor. Here is my response. Because fashion should be empowering, not exploitative~

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{ starting top left and going clockwise }

1. Matter Prints: Sideswept Dhoti + Mobi Indigo Pants | Matter Prints works with artisans across India to create products that are eco-friendly, preserve their heritage, and are able to help the artisans become financially independent.
Update! -- They just came out with a rad new ethical jumpsuit collection! Peep our editorial collaboration here!

2. Harveys: Berkeley Backpack in Black + White  | bags & backpacks made from re-purposed seat belts. Seriously cool. All products are handmade in the USA!

3. New Classics Studios: Papaya Dress | I seriously want to buy everything. You know it's an A+ store when they sell dresses with papayas on them. Because can you think of anything better to put on a dress? All clothing is created with high ethical standards (& aesthetics, obviously).
Update! -- JooJoo Azad & New Classics Studios collabed on a sick new editorial shoot for their KowTow Phase Dress!

4. Osborne: Dune Oxford | handmade, fair-trade, eco-friendly, artisan crafted...basically everything you could ever want in an oxford (or a brand).

5. FashionABLE: Alem Color-Block Scarf | this brand uses fashion as a method of empowering women in Ethiopia, Kenya, and other countries bring themselves and their families out of poverty, receive an education, and become strong & independent individuals. Because that is what fashion should be for, right?

6. Shelby Steiner: Tie Tunic | a local designer from here in Chicago, Shelby produces her clothing using ethical, eco-friendly, and natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and bad-assery.

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