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Spent last weekend exploring Tangier, Morocco and let's just say that I'm in love~
First of all, thank you all for your recommendations--it made our visit a truly memorable trip, thank you!

After finally arriving in our hotel in the petit socco (aka mini souk) after an endless taxi ride with a rather stubborn driver, we grabbed dinner at a sketchy fast-food restaurant, and passed out (despite our rooms being below freezing).


Our first morning we woke up early and after finally finding the exit of the petit socco (Erin & Kathrine jokingly commented and suggested to get lost in the medina--let's just say we accidentally followed that advice rather literally...) head out to Cafe Hafa for mint tea & a light breakfast--the view was incredible (Spain was on the other side!) and the outdoor cafe was filled with kids singing and playing music. My favorite spot in Tangier so far. Thank you for the recommendation!

Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, cafe hafa
Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, cafe hafa


We then slipped into the Marshan Art Gallery which is. so. beautiful. I had the honor of meeting the father of one of my readers, and he not only was so very kind and warm, but also owned the gallery and is an incredible artist! (p.s. he also gives great restaurant recommendations, if you're in the area c; ). A must-go if you are ever in Tangier! 

Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, marshan art gallery, moroccan art


Formerly the Sultan's palace, the Kasbah Museum has been converted into a beautiful history museum. Personally, I found the building itself & its gardens more beautiful than the historic artifacts they contained, but still definitely worth the visit! This museum contains sculptures, mosaics, jewelry, and artifacts dating back to prehistoric times and up until about the 19th cent.

Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, Kasbah Museum, Tangier museum
 Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, kasbah museum, tangier museum


This was more of an unplanned oh-hey-look-a-church-and-garden-oh-wait-cemetery-this-is-really-beautiful detour than an actual item on our to-check-out list, but hey, it is worth a stroll! We ran into this church on our way back to Cafe Hafa (Yes. We went twice in the same day but we really couldn't help it). Bonus points if you go at golden hour when only select rays of sun shine through the thicket of trees and gives the place a really nice vibe. A really nice place to escape the bustle of the crowded city and noise of the angry taxi drivers yelling at each other. 

Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, travel blog, moroccan travel, st. Andrew Church tangier, tangier church


If our tea intake at this point had not already well exceeded any existing daily limits, we of course couldn't pass up the chance to intake more mint tea (I *might* have developed a small addiction...I can stop if I want, I promise!!) while taking in live traditional Moroccan music. Every evening at 6:30pm at the cafe right outside the Kasbah Museum, Les Fils du Detroit (The Boys of Detroit) have a jam session (p.s. uh, yes they have a Facebook page and Soundcloud (to which I am listening right now actually) where you can peruse through photos and listen to their music too (but you'll have to make your own tea at home, sorry)). 

Also this is super embarrassing but after asking them where I could buy a setar (a traditional Iranian instrument that I'm determined to find in Morocco) because I play violin and wanted to try something new, the violinist handed me his violin and asked me to play and of course my friends, far too excited at the opportunity to see me embarrass myself, egged me on. So I started playing one of my favorite solos and then realized a bit too late--on the 4th note--that the violin was tuned according to middle eastern tuning rather than western tuning like I was accustomed to, and had to give it back. Whoops. Oh well at least I can sort of say that I "played" the violin of the Fils du Detroit?  

Tangier, Morocco, travel guide, Moroccan travel, les files du detroit, the boys of detroit, moroccan music
PC: Les Files du Detroit Facebook Page || By this time my camera battery was more than exhausted so I have no photos of my own :(

We ended the evening with a spoken word thing that was incredibly strange and turned out to not actually be a spoken word thing and more of a salsa dancing thing so...I'll just leave it at that and end here without getting into any details...


Basically, if you ever get a chance to visit Morocco, Tangier is a city you can't miss. 
Thank you again for everyone's recommendations! xx 


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