So, while we (the blog & I) discontinued our popular "Blogging Tips" series due to an effort to more focus the content at JooJoo Azad, we didn't want to leave all of your questions unanswered and lessons we've learned un-shared!

So here's the plan: please do continue to ask questions! In fact, you can do so right here:


Every quarter (3 months) we'll gather all the questions and put together an ultimate handbook (free, of course!) based on your questions + key lessons we've learned and found valuable from the past quarter, and post it here and send it out to you via email.

We believe in skill sharing and blogging as a valuable way for people (mostly women) to take control of their own narratives and stories, so sharing what we've learned along the way is very important for us and the mission of JooJoo Azad!

Since we are based on a Persian calendar here, the next guidebook will be out JUNE 19th so be sure to submit your questions and sign up for email updates below (we'll only shoot you an email when the deadline is approaching and then again with a link to the e-book!)!

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